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Arianespace will send Global satellite AMC-18 of SES
The AMC-18 is the satellite number 25 of the deprived operating major of satellites of the world and that will position in 105º the West in the second semester of 2006

The launching to the space serña realized by a rocket Ariane 5 from the space position of Kourou, in the French Guayana.

The AMC-18 is constructed by Lockheed Martin Commercial Space Systems and its weight is of 2,300 kilograms. 

Satellite AMC-18 will be operated by SES AMERICOM. It will be equipped of 24 transponders in C band with a minimum approximated operational life of 15 years. It will offer services of distribution of television by cable for the United States.  

The AMC-12 will enter this April in good condition

A Russian rocket Proton was launched the 3 of February from the Russian space-port of Baikonur, in Kazakhstan, taking the North American satellite of telecommunications AMC-12, property of the American company/signature of Americom telecommunications.

The new satellite was placed in the position geoestacionara of 37,5º the West, with the forecast that in this month of April April can already spread to programs of digital television and services of data in three territorial beams: North America, South America and part of Europe and Africa.

In the case of SES ASTRA, this one company it has commercialized under mark ASTRA 4A, 33 transponders that will offer services in Africa. Four launchings of North American satellites of telecommunications were realized successfully in 2004 with Proton de Baikonur and other six are predicted in 2005.


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