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Asturias are the region with more paying to the TV of payment in Spain
Behind it is Aragon, the Balearics, Madrid, Castile and Leon, the Canary Islands, Galicia, Valencian Community, Basque Country, Catalonia, Murcia, Castille-La Mancha and Extremadura, according to the study the society of the information in Spain 2004

36.9% of the Asturian homes are paid to the pay television, which locates at the top to the region of the country in implantation of this audio-visual modality, according to the study the society of the information in Spain 2004 published by Telephone. In addition, this report gathers that the Principality is where is decided more on the cable with a 24%, surpassing widely to other technologies and over Navarre (16.8%) and the Balearics (14.9%).

Behind it is Aragon, with the 29 percent of the homes, the Balearics (27 percent), Madrid (22 percent), Castile and Leon (22 percent), the Canary Islands (22 percent), Galicia (21 percent), Valencian Community (21 percent), Basque Country (16 percent), Catalonia (16 percent), Murcia (15 percent), Castille-La Mancha (15 percent) and Extremadura (10 percent).

As far as the type of used technology, in Castile and Leon and Murcia half of the subscribers uses the cable and half other technologies; and only in four regions (Asturias, Navarre, the Balearics and Valencian Community) they are majority the homes that decide on the cable.

(Several, 11-04-05)

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