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SES Astra summons contest to construct to the Astra satellite 1M
Astra 1M will replace Astra 1H to provide security capacity and reserve in the geostationary orbit of 19,2º This and will be equipped of 32 active transponders in Ku band

The acquisition of this satellite is anticipated to the provisional program of substitution of the Astra satellites with the aim of assuring the growth of the operating major of the world of satellites, SES Astra, in the orbital position of 28,2° This, that offers service to the markets of the United Kingdom and Ireland.

The Astra2C satellite, at the moment in operation in 19,2° This, will be placed to 28,2° This after the existoso launching of Astra 1KY and Astra 1L, with the purpose of to provide the capacity of additional transmission to respond to the important demand in the markets of the United Kingdom and Ireland.

Ses Astra decided to advance the acquisition of this satellite of substitution with the fundamental objective to guarantee the position of Astra2C, in the improbable case of a failure of launching of Astra 1KR or Astra 1L.

Ferdinand Kayser, President of SES Astra, has commented that the main mission of the Astra satellite 1M will consist of replacing Astra 1H, and in continuing providing the capacity of first order, equipped with a complete security and reservations system, which continues being a unique characteristic of the system of Astra satellites. When advancing slightly the date of acquisition of the Astra1M satellite, we protect the position of Astra 2C to 28,2° This, and thus we guaranteed our growth in the English and Irish dynamic markets.

The system of satellites ASTRA is the operator of satellites leader in Europe, chosen by many transmitters of television and radio and suppliers of services multimedia for the open emission in and of payment and broadband services to more than 92 million users of TV by satellite and cable of Europe. The fleet of satellites ASTRA at the moment includes 13 satellites, that they transmit more than 1,100 analog channels and digital of radio and television, as well as services multimedia and of Internet. The two main orbital positions of ASTRA for services DTH (direct to the home) are 19.2° This and 28.2° This. The professional services offer from the orbital positions of 23.5°/24.2° This and 5.2° This.

SES ASTRA is GLOBAL property of SES, a company of public quote with values registered in the bags of Luxembourg and Frankfurt (SESG). GLOBAL SES is proprietor of two companies, SES AMERICOM and SES ASTRA, and has strategic participation in other regional suppliers anywhere in the world leaders in services by satellite - AsiaSat, AMERICOM ASIA PACIFIC, NSAB, Nahuelsat and Star One. Through them, GLOBAL SES can provide effective solutions of satellite communications through a fleet of 41 satellites in all the planet.

(NP, 08-04-05)

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