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To pillage to the cheater
This Web denounces the copy behaved shamelessly, without scruples and torticera of certain Spanish publication…

Codification - the News on systems of conditional access

The codifications Conax and Irdeto in the front sight of hackers
These two systems of conditional access are harmed in the last weeks by the vulnerability that present/display forcing their diverse people in charge to carry out countermeasures…

Multi-channel Chello on the verge of leaving the codification Nagravisión 1
All the channels of the operator have begun either to emit under the system of conditional access Nagravisión 3 like previous step to the desaparación of the previous obsolete codification or…

Digi TV asks that Hungary and Slovakia persecute the piracy
The platform via satellite wants that the authorities of these countries sanction the sale of receivers and equipment that allows to accede of fraudulent form to their supply through Intelsat satellite 10-02…

File of the news of year 2009
  16-01 RTVE protects its signal by satellite to avoid the piracy
  14-01 Solved to the problems of The Jazeera Sport+2
  09-01 Hotelkeeper condemned to half year of jail to piratear Digital+
  07-01 Cyfrowy Polsat leaves Nagravisión 2 definitively
File of the news of year 2008
  26-12 Problems in the codification of The Jazeera Sport+2 in Hot IBRD
  23-12 NTV Extra changes their system of codification
  17-12 Telefônica Digital TV Brazil is objective of the piracy
  15-12 Multi-channel it adapts his system of encryption to Nagravisión 3
  09-12 NDS trusts their growth the German market
  05-12 Nagravisión shows its strength after a year in Digital+
  04-12 Conax will change cards for the channels of MTV and Kabelkiosk
  02-12 Cyfrowy Polsat will leave Nagravisión 2 at beginnings of the new year
  25-11 Premiere cannot stop the piracy completely
  22-11 the DigitAlb platform punished by the pirateo of Conax
  18-11 Digi TV not yet knows when it will leave the codification Nagravisión 2
  13-11 ART will let the Irdeto codification to use the one of Viaccess
  11-11 Premiere leaves the codification Nagravisión 2 definitively
  07-11 Digital channel Satelliet also will leave Dry codification 2
  05-11 SIDSA says that the KeyFly codification is insurmountable
  30-10 Austrian ORF also will leave the Nagravisión codification
  29-10 SIDSA and To the Jazeera sign agreement to protect their contents
  20-10 Aim of the pirateos of satellite platforms
  17-10 Premiere will stop being pirateada the 30 of October
  14-10 TPS eradicates the piracy to few months to disappear
  06-10 Europe fights against the piracy to develop the payment TV
  30-09 Cyfra+ will leave Dry codification 2 in the middle of October
  24-09 Desmantelan a network of pirateo of channels of the payment TV
  23-09 Viaccess starts up a new smart card model
  12-09 Kudelski celebrates new victory against the piracy
  03-09 Cyfra+ begins to emit under the codification of the Kudelski group
  18-08 Desmantelan a network that pirateaba the payment TV
  13-08 Multi-channel it is prepared to change of codification in autumn
  31-07 Cyfrowy Polsat begins to leave the codification Nagravisión 2
  29-07 Two stopped to facilitate the signal of Digital+ to neighbors
  17-07 Premiere could delay the change of codification still more
  15-07 Cyfra+ prepares the change of cards decoders
  04-07 Stopped 85 people to piratear the signal of a payment TV
  24-06 Canal+ France also uses the codification of Nagravisión
  17-06 Premiere begins to use the Videoguard codification
  16-06 Viaccess prepares a new version of its system of codification
  11-06 More of a million people the channels of Premiere piratean
  10-06 Countermeasures of Cyfrowy Polsat and Digi TV in the Eurocopa
  05-06 the Middle East fights against the piracy of the pay television
  03-06 Premiere prioritizes the change of codification to the purchase of Sat.1
  02-06 Digi TV has problems to leave the system Nagravisión 2
  28-05 the old codification Mediaguard de D+ on the verge of disappearing
  27-05 the business of the piracy in the payment TV goes to less
  27-05 Empiezan to disappear the channels of the TDT by Hispasat
  20-05 Premiere initiates the change of the Nagravisión cards
  20-05 Retelsat changes of codification to avoid its pirateo
  16-05 Premiere blames to the piracy of the loss of subscribers
  16-05 half of the TPS subscribers already has migrated to CanalSat
  14-05 the Hungarian platform Hello HD is codified in Conax
  12-05 DigitAlb is punished by the pirateo of the Conax system
  06-05 Sentencia prohibits to sell adapted receivers to see Premiere
  29-04 Hackers to the service of Murdoch to sabotage to the competition?
  28-04 Stopped a woman to facilitate TV of payment to its neighbors
  25-04 the channels of the TDT by Hispasat will be codified shortly
  25-04 Judgment in California against NDS by piracy in the payment TV
  25-04 Austrian television ORF will be codified only in Irdeto
  21-04 the new French platform of TDT by satellite chooses Viaccess
  18-04 Digital+ returns to change cards to accede to its signal
  17-04 the Conax codification returns to be attacked by the piracy
  15-04 Premiere confirms that it will use codification NDS Videoguard
  14-04 Person in charge of Galician local TV accused by piratear Digital+
  10-04 Portuguese justice sentence to piratear TV Cabo
  04-04 Experts in the piracy of the payment TV mention themselves in Holland
  03-04 In April the announced change at Nagravisión 3 of Premiere arrives
  27-03 the new codification of Nagravisión follows invulnerable
  21-03 Cyfrowy Polsat postpones the passage to the new system of encryption
  18-03 the old woman cards Dry of CanalSat stop being operative
  13-03 the channels for adults of Hot IBRD affected by the piracy
  11-03 Cableoperadores annoying by the piracy that affects Multi-channel
  07-03 the Digi Rumanian TV prepares itself for the transition to Nagravision 3
  07-03 the platform Tele Columbus will use the Videoguard codification
  06-03 CanalSat sends to its subscribers the new Mediaguard cards
  04-03 Kudelski reiterates that the contract with Premiere expires in the 2012
  03-03 the shield of Nagravisión increases benefits of Kudelski
  28-02 New codification of Swiss SRG SSR as of March
  25-02 BISS, a system of vulnerable codification
  25-02 President community and a neighbor arrested by piratear Digital+
  22-02 Multi-channel he realizes countermeasures against the pirateo of his signal
  22-02 Premiere rectifies and says that finally it remains with Nagravisión
  21-02 police Action against the pirateo of Digital+ in hotels
  21-02 Half year of jail to piratear TV Cabo
  18-02 Swiss SRG SSR prepares the card change decoders
  14-02 Countermeasures anti-pirateo of channels RedLight and MCT
  13-02 Canal+ France and CanalSat change cards of their subscribers
  13-02 Stopped to facilitate in Internet access codes to payment TV
  08-02 Kudelski will pay 6M€ by the card change of Premiere
  07-02 Premiere announces the passage to Nagravisión 3 as of April
  05-02 Countermeasures of TPS to palliate the effects of the piracy
  04-02 the police stops two people by pirate distribution of Digital+
  30-01 Premiere incorporates the Conax codification to 16 channels of its supply
  25-01 the TPS subscribers continue realizing the migration CanalSat
  23-01 the piracy punishes to the Arab platform Showtime
  15-01 Premiere denies that it is going to leave the Nagravisión codification
  11-01 police Action in Poland conta the piracy of the payment TV
File of the news of year 2007
  28-12 2007 were the year of Nagravisión
  28-12 2007: Videoguard is the insurmountable codification, and Drought, almost
  28-12 28 stopped in Spain to piratear the signal of the payment TV
  18-12 Nagravisión follows with its countermeasures to stop the piracy
  04-12 Digital+ finalizes the process of change of codification
  28-11 the platform Cyfrow Polsat realizes tests in Nagravisión 3
  27-11 Stopped 3 installers to piratear Digital+ for communities
  30-10 company NDS Group increases its benefits in a 25%
  22-10 the channels star of Mediaset will change of codification
  16-10 Kudelski reinforces the system of conditional access Nagravisión
  15-10 27 stopped in an operation against the pirateo of TV signals
  01-10 Premiere testea Star new Nagravisión 3
  28-09 TV Cabo begins to migrate to the new Nagravisión
  24-09 SIDSA sends system of protection of signal of the TDT by satellite
  19-09 Polsat changes cards to its subscribers and it goes to Nagravisión 3
  25-07 UPC Direct proves the system of conditional access Nagravisión
  20-07 Seven stopped to distribute pirate decoders of Digital+
  10-07 TV Cabo hopes to suppress the piracy at the end of 2007
  19-06 Irdeto will codify the new Hindu platform Sun Direct TV
  15-06 the fight against the piracy makes to go down the prices of the receivers
  14-06 Nagravisión follows with its war against the piracy
  11-06 a pirate card salesman is fined with 1,800 Euros
  05-06 the cease of the piracy increases the subscribers of Cyfrowy Polsat
  01-06 millionaire Investment of TV Cabo to change 800,000 cards
  30-05 police Operation in all Spain against signal piracy TV
  18-05 First judgment in the Canary Islands to piratear cards of digital TV
  16-05 Portugal fights against the piracy of the TV with jail pains
  09-05 Fraud in a neighbor community to piratear Digital+
  03-05 Viaccess confirms that Canal+ France will use its system for TDT
  20-04 Nagravisión prepares countermeasures to fight the piracy
  18-04 Canal+ France changes the codification of its supply in TDT
  12-04 Dreambox assures that their receivers do not foment the piracy
  03-04 Kudelski accuses of piracy to salesmen of Dreambox receivers
  30-03 New police action in Andalusia to piratear Digital+
  28-03 Sky Italy will change of codification before the end of year
  27-03 Person in charge of communitarian video condemned by piratear Digital+
  23-03 the codifications Viaccess and Nagravisión are most vulnerable
  07-03 the police takes part a local TV by piratear Digital+
  01-03 First sentence from worsening of the pains TV piracy
  28-02 Canal+ France will not change the receivers of the TPS subscribers
  23-02 Platforms with more paying have safer codifications
  20-02 Numericalable chooses OpenTV by its service of digital TV outpost
  19-02 Viaccess implements a new version of its codification
  16-02 Kudelski with Nagravisión obtained a 17% more of benefits in 2006
09-02 Viaccess initiates a campaign against the piracy
06-02 the public TV of Slovenia will change of codification
29-01 Piden 2 years of jail to sell receivers to see the TV free
22-01 a local TV of Murcia pirateó contained during 18 years

Nagravisión shows to its strength a year after working in Digital+…

The World mentions our Web
Hackers to the service of Murdoch to sabotage to the competition? …

Piracy in TV
The business of the piracy in the payment TV goes to less…

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