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Sports in the TV
Gallery of sport channels of abierto television in through the Nilesat satellites (7º the West)…

The sport news and channels that they emit in open

Eurosport celebrates its 20 years of life
The channel initiated its emissions in open via satellite in 1989 on the initiative of the European Union of Radiodifusión (UER) and over the years it has become the first Pan-European sport chain…

The match of the 6 Nations of Rugby in abierto by BBC HD
The chain in high resolution of Briton BBC will transmit in open through Astra satellite 2A (28,2º This) the most interesting parties del than it is the most prestigious international match of rugby…

Soccer in abierto by television could arrive soon at its aim
The parties in abierto have a negative impact in soccer and seriously harm to the attendance the fields, according to has showed Jose Luis Astiazarán, president of Liga de Professional Fútbol…

Fox Sports Middle East SuperTennis To Sport Jazeera 1

File of the news of year 2009
19-01 Fox Sports Middle East emits in abierto by Atlantic IBRD 2
15-01 Yacht and Sail emits in open in the satellite Atlantic IBRD 1
15-01 Real Madrid and Barça monopolize 50% of the income by TV
09-01 soccer in PPV falls a 10% and increases the purchase of films
09-01 SportItalia and SportItalia 24 in abierto by the satellite Atlantic IBRD 1
08-01 To the Sport Jazeera it sends to another new channel in the satellite Hot IBRD 7A
File of the news of year 2008
26-12 Problems in the codification of The Jazeera Sport+2 in Hot IBRD
17-12 To Sport Jazeera 1 it starts in open in the satellite Hot IBRD 8
15-12 the Barça - Madrid in high resolution but does not stop Spain
03-12 Mediapro assures that the war of soccer is agonizing
28-11 Premiere makes sure rights the Bundesliga until 2013
27-11 To the Sport Jazeera it will return to emit in high resolution
26-11 Benfica TV initiates its emissions in Meo and Ar Telecom
11-11 To the Sport Jazeera the emission makes sure the best sports
10-11 Arranca the Super channel Tennis through satellite Hot IBRD 6
31-10 Some cards of The Sport Jazeera reclaim the access
31-10 To the Sport Jazeera it sends a fourth channel
24-10 Goal TV receives the permission to emit via satellite
22-10 Eurosport acquires the rights of the Bundesliga
20-10 Barça TV will happen to emit itself in open and will stop being of payment
17-10 ARD will not emit the next Tour of France by the dopings
15-10 Eurosport will start up the service of Video under demand
13-10 Descienden to half the purchase of soccers match in PPV
17-09 the channel Abu Dhabi Sports has new frequency in Hot IBRD
17-09 the Sport chain TV celebrates his tenth anniversary
16-09 Sat.1 emits in open the Champions League of soccer
08-09 Goal TV begins to emit in Hispasat
26-08 Chinese chain CCTV breaks records of hearing by the JJOO
21-08 the JJOO of Beijing, the most seen of history thanks to Internet
20-08 Mediapro prepares the beginning of the new channel Goal TV
20-08 Four will emit Formula 1 of the soccer clubs
29-07 the TVE renews three seasons more, until 2011, the emission of the Tour
29-07 Cover of RTVE in the Olympic Games of Beijing
24-07 Mediapro will send its channel of payment soccer
24-07 Sport TV prepares its version for Africa
21-07 the Bundesliga warns if the agreement with Premiere is cancelled
18-07 Sixth it guarantees the parties of Saturdays of Liga
11-07 Digital+ loses the rights of the Champions League of payment
25-06 Digital+ and Imagenio offer the Games of Beijing in high resolution
25-06 the satellite Eurobird 9 has a new sport channel
19-06 the Barça sells to Mediapro the previous one of Champions
10-06 Eurosport HD negotiates its distribution in Spain
04-06 the Jazeera Sport+3 it begins to emit in the satellite Hot IBRD 6
30-05 Sogecable remains with the rights of Real Madrid
19-05 Eurocopa 2008 of Soccer by television via satellite
13-05 the channels German ARD and ZDF will transmit Eurocopa 2008
13-05 Four will emit in direct 19 parties of Eurocopa 2008
11-05 Sport RAI Più replaces to Sport RAI the Sat in the satellite Hot IBRD
09-05 the Turn of Italy in direct in Eurosport
05-05 Motors TV distributes its signal through eight satellites
02-05 Eurosport offers in direct the Eurocopa Sub-17 de Fútbol
21-04 the German public TV will transmit east year the Tour of France
21-04 the Sixth purchase the GP2, the category inferior of Formula 1
15-04 Eurosport 2 surpasses the 30 million homes
15-04 a 81% of the Spaniards will see by television the JJOO of Beijing
11-04 Fox Sports Middle East emits in abierto by the Intelsat satellite 3R
09-04 the war of soccer reduces the hiring of parties
07-04 Mediapro will send a channel of payment soccer
04-04 Benfica Channel will emit the 24 hours of the day by TV Cabo
28-03 Six of each ten fans to soccer see the party in the bar
27-03 Formula 1 can see in high resolution by the Intelsat 10-02
27-03 Sky Italy prepares a new channel of sports
26-03 half of the soccer of payment in Spain takes Canal+ to it
17-03 To the Sport Jazeera it incorporates the English language in his emissions
17-03 the sport channel Abu Dhabi Sports starts in the satellite Hot IBRD
17-03 TeleDeporte leads the Spanish sport channels
14-03 the English chains struggle by the Champions League of soccer
12-03 Sixth it clears to Telecinco Formula to him 1
11-03 Eurosport confirms the launching of its channel in High resolution
20-02 To the Jazeera it will transmit the UEFA Champions League as of 2009
14-02 the TVE will offer the JJOO of Beijing in high resolution for the TDT
05-02 the match of Rugby of the Six Nations in abierto via satellite
04-02 Eutelsat Sesat distributes to Spanish soccer in high resolution
28-01 To the Jazeera Sport+3 it delays his beginning in the Nilesat satellite
07-01 To the Sport Jazeera 7A leaves the satellite Hot IBRD
07-01 Real Madrid TV stops definitively in abierto by Hispasat and Astra
File of the news of year 2007
21-12 the purchase of soccers match in PPV falls a 66.2%
20-12 Four and Digital+ will emit the Eurocopa of 2008 soccer
20-12 TV Cabo will incorporate in its supply the channel Eurosport 2
05-12 Abu Dhabi Sports, new channel of sports in Hot IBRD
30-11 Sport Jazeera +3 it begins to emit in the Nilesat satellite
27-11 Digital+ denounces to Mediapro to yield parties to Sport Sky
10-10 a judge imposes an open party in and the rest in Digital+ and Canal+
04-10 Digital+ loses the exclusive right of the Italian league of soccer
13-09 Real Madrid TV will only be able to be seen through Digital+ and Imagenio
13-09 the platform entavio will start up
06-09 To the Sport Jazeera it reaches the million subscribers
05-09 Teledeporte leads the hearing of thematic the sport ones
24-07 the TVE will relay English Liga of soccer
13-06 Virgin will send new sport channel after excluding Sky Sports News
13-06 Intereses of TV causes disagreement in last day of Liga
04-06 TeleDeporte breaks its historical record with tennis
04-06 Premiere and Arena delay to agreement soccer by new proposal
31-05 German channel ZDF threatens in not offering the Tour of France
22-05 Eurosport will offer more than 100 hours of Roland Garros
21-05 Sixth it denies to have the right of Formula 1
15-05 the four new channels of DSF can start in September
15-05 Mediapro acquires the rights of the World-wide one of Formula 1
30-03 European Parliament requests the collective sale of the TV rights
29-03 TV of Catalonia makes sure Formula 1 until 2011
26-03 the Premier League could be seen in open the next season
26-03 Sport RAI Satellite begins to emit in format 16/9
22-03 German chain DSF studies to be divided in four channels
22-03 Digital+ and Antena 3 will offer the parties of the Glass of the UEFA
22-03 Benfica TV wants to start before finalizing the season
13-03 TV of Galicia will emit Liga during the two next seasons
21-02 TeleDeporte has more spectators than Eurosport in Spain
21-02 Eurosport renews the rights of TV of Giro and other races
14-02 TeleDeporte celebrates east Wednesday 13 years in antenna
14-02 Premiere secures 33,000 installments to see the Bundesliga
08-02 Premiere decides with Sand to be able to relay the Bundesliga
07-02 Sky Italy loses 600,000 spectators by the suspension of Calcium
07-02 Eurosport continues being the channel more seeing in Europe
06-02 the Super Bowl obtains third hearing in history TV of the USA
30-01 Premiere acquires the rights of TV of the Premier League
23-01 Real Madrid continues being the club more seeing in PPV
22-01 the Premiership sold to 28 countries by 950 million Euros
16-01 World-wide of Germany, sport event more seeing by TV in 2006
16-01 Dura struggles in Germany by the rights of TV of Formula 1
16-01 TeleMadrid buys the televising rights of Getafe and Atlético
08-01 Sogecable takes the Audio-visual control from Sport

Up-to-date list 26 January, 2009 20:37

Satellite Astra 1 (19,2º This)
Name of the Channel
System of Video
12.226-H Eurosport
DVB. MR. 27500
Fec 3/4
101-103 German
12.480-V DSF
DVB. MR. 27500
Fec 3/4
1023-1024 German

Satellite Eutelsat - Hot IBRD (13º This)
Name of the Channel
System of Video
11.179-H Super Tennis
DVB. MR. 27500
Fec 3/4
740-741 Italian
11.623-V Abu Dhabi Sports
DVB. MR. 27500
Fec 3/4
236-34 Arab
11.747-H Dubai Sports Chanel 3
DVB. MR. 27500
Fec 3/4
4387-4388 Arab
11.804-V Sport RAI Più DVB. MR. 27500
Fec 3/4
512-650 Italian
12.245-H To Sport Jazeera 1
DVB. MR. 27500
Fec 3/4
1123-1133 Arab
12.597-V Sport planet
DVB. MR. 27500
Fec 3/4
80-81 Russian

- DVB: Digital Video Broadcasting
- MR.: Symbol Rate
* Accessible channels in Spain
Soccer in the TV
Spanish Liga of Soccer by television via satellite…

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