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Digital+ is the result of the absorption of Via Digitalis on the part of Digital Satelite channel.

The 8 of May of 2002, Sogecable and Telefónica, top shareholders of their digital platforms reach an agreement to integrate Via Digitalis in Sogecable. Finally the 3 of July of 2003 Via Digitalis are absorbed by Sogecable and the 21 of July the emission of the new platform begins officially.

Digital+ has 1.854.015 subscribers, according to official data to 30 of September of 2005.

The platform emits its supply through two satellites: Astra1 (19,2º This) and Hispasat (30º the West)

Address: Avenue of the Craftsmen, 6 - Sogecable Building 28760 Three Songs, Madrid. Tel: 91 524 58 00 Fax: 91 524 58 70

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  • The present time of Digital+ (years 2005 and 2006)

           File of the news of year 2006

    17-12 Digital+ increases its consumption in three points with respect to 2005
    11-12 Digital+ incorporates in its supply the new channel France 24
    30-11 Spain reaches the 3.6 million users of payment TV
    06-11 Eleven million spectators saw Madrid-Barça de Canal+
    24-10 Catalonia leads the number of subscribers to Digital+
    24-10 Digital+ breaks its record of hearing with Madrid-Barça
    20-10 Sogecable changes exclusive right by income
      20-10 Digital+ will increase its prices in December
    17-10 Digital+ adds 16,000 new net subscribers in the last quarterly
      17-10 the data of subscribers of Digital+ do not agree with those of the Government
    02-10 Digital+ eliminates of its dial sport channel German DSF
      27-09 Digital+ surpasses million subscribers both
      18-09 Sogecable will secrete Four and Digital+ in new societies
      28-07 Telecinco and Antena 3 reject to get up themselves to Digital+
      26-07 Success of the infantile channels of Digital+
      23-07 Digital+ has 214,000 subscribers more than a year back
      04-07 Digital+ reaches a new record of consumption
      13-06 Digital+ secures the best results of its history thanks to soccer
      07-06 Sci Fi is placed like the second channel more seeing of Digital+
      30-05 Digital+ will send new receiver with hard disk at the end of year
      24-05 Digital+ changes the numeration of the dial of its channels
      16-05 Sixth it guarantees 80% of cover to see the World-wide one
      27-04 the Sixth and Canal+ presents/displays their programming for the World-wide one
      27-04 Cartoon Network releases new image and new logo
      23-04 Digital+ incorporates the channel Sci Fi, produced by NBC Universal
      19-04 Condenan the pirate card use to see Digital+
      18-04 Sogecable increases 61% the losses in the first trimester
      18-04 Digital+ sends a countermeasure against the pirate terminals
      04-04 Disney Channel follows like leader of the infantile channels
      28-03 Digital+ will emit half of the parties of the World-wide one of Soccer
      24-03 Digital+ incorporates the Sixth a its supply
      21-03 70% of the income of Sogecable correspond to the subscribers of Digital+
      21-03 Sogecable in line makes a balance of Four with the awaited thing
      17-03 Sixth the World-wide one of Soccer takes and will share parties with Sogecable
      15-03 Caza and Pesca TV surpass the 90,000 subscribers
      01-03 AXN returns to be leader of hearing in February
      18-02 Digital+ sends the new Cine+ installment
     17-02 Sogecable and Ses Astra stimulate the collective facilities
     15-02 Digital+ closed the last year with 1.960.000 subscribers
     08-02 Sogecable reaches 100% of the capital of Digital Satelite channel
     26-01 Digital+ renews the image and the contents of its magazine for subscribers
     17-01 Digital+ reiterates its objective to reach 2.5 million subscribers in 2008
     17-01 Boomerang and Cartoon Network strengthen their leadership between the infantile channels
     13-01 Digital+ sends the Fútbol+ installment with four parties of PPV by 24 Euros to the month
     11-01 Digital+ augurs frustration by the TDT because it is sent with filling channels
     10-01 the reduction of the IVA will repel less in a cost of 2 Euros in digital TV of payment
      09-01 Digital+ sends five new thematic packages of installment

           File of the news of year 2005

     30-12 Constitutional Court low regard resource against receiving law that caused conflict
     22-12 Digital+ incorporates all the supply of RTVE channels
     18-12 Digital+ will increase its prices as of January
     08-12 Hollywood Channel reaches in November its record of hearing
     16-11 the Supreme Court guarantees the integration of Via Digitalis in Sogecable
     15-11 More than 44,000 bars they will be able to offer Madrid-Barça legally
     15-11 Boomerang turns a year of life
     02-11 Four will replace Canal+ to the 20.44 hours of the 7 of November
     26-10 Digital+ gains 78,305 subscribers in three months
     26-10 Sogecable registers a net benefit of 5.7 million Euros
     24-10 Four present/display their programming
     24-10 Chains TV raise in stock market after requesting compensations by Channel 4
     20-10 Four will be gotten up in dial 4 of Digital+
     15-10 Sogecable will maintain a year plus the supply of migration to Digital+
     13-10 Spanish Television relaunches its Channel 24 Hours
     07-10 Channel Méteo de Digital+ files a man of the virtual time
     06-10 the cable Digital+, Canal+ and operators have the best films
     05-10 the channel Hunting and Fishing surpasses the 80,000 subscribers
     01-10 Digital+ cuts the signal to 5,000 bars by the illegal use of soccer in PPV
     30-09 New card change for the subscribers of Digital+
     09-09 40TV renews its image
     05-09 guiñoles of Canal+ turns 10 years
     02-09 Digital+ incorporates channel EHS.TV
     15-07 the payment by vision of the Glass falls 60%
     14-07 Sogecable renews agreement television with the UEFA
     14-07 Canal+ will be able to emit in open in August
     12-07 Conditions for Sogecable on soccer and cinema
     11-07 the Playboy channel surpasses the 100,000 subscribers
     30-06 Canal+ bets east summer by the cinema and the documentary ones
     29-06 Intereconomía TV is gotten up to Digital+
     15-06 Digital+ will transmit for the first time in high resolution
     14-06 Anniversaries of Discovery Channel and Calle 13 in Spain
     13-06 Fiction Factory celebrates his fifth anniversary
     12-06 Eurosport 2 negotiates its entrance in Digital+
     01-06 Tele 5 leaves Digital+
     27-05 the Cnn turns east June 25 years
     25-05 Sogecable completes the directive equipment for its Canal+ in open
     24-05 Sogecable initiates operation of extension by a 6% of its capital
     20-05 Intereconomía TV will be able to be seen by Digital+
     20-05 Two years of jail to sell pirate cards
     12-05 Lucha against the piracy of the pay television
     05-05 the international channel of Valencian Televisió initiates its emissions
     05-05 the new Canal+ will begin to emit in open in June
     04-05 Expansion TV stops emitting
     03-05 Tele 5 returns to be leader by sixth consecutive month
     27-04 Digital+ loses 32,000 subscribers in a year
     27-04 Sogecable reduces to losses a 61.5%
     27-04 the users of the PPV spend about 32 Euros to the month in Ticket office
     26-04 the infantile channel Jetix increases its hearing in a 93%
     21-04 Canal+ says that in it will be abierto so that their subscribers change to Digital+
     21-04 the bars regularize their contracts with Digital+ by soccer in PPV
     17-04 Digital+ offers the old PVR to its Premium clients
     14-04 Disney Channel turns 7 years in Spain
     14-04 Auna will not be able to offer to its subscribers the chain Canal+ Deportes
     12-04 More than 600,000 subscribers they bought Madrid-Barça in Digital+
     07-04 Tele 5 is the channel more seeing in Digital+ with a 22.8% of quota of screen
     07-04 Sogecable clocks on and off to a manager of Antenna 3 for the change of Canal+
     06-04 Sogecable will realize an extension of capital to amortize loans
     05-04 the channel Caccia and Pesca surpasses the 60 thousand subscribers in Italy
     04-04 Sogecable buys participation of Antena3 in Digital Satelite channel
     31-03 the Audio-visual Council in opposition to the purchase of the 100% of Channel 4 by Haste
     29-03 Digital+ lowers the price of Ticket office in April
     29-03 MTV Spain renews its programming
     18-03 5 Tele and Antenna 3 against the concession of Canal+
     15-03 the analogical Canal+ will take the name of Four
     10-03 Sogecable denounces campaign to avoid Canal+ in open
     07-03 Government says is space for Canal+ and up to two channels TV more
     01-03 Tele 5 surpasses the forecasts and gains a 76% more than in 2003
     01-03 Cosmopolitan Television turns 5 years
     28-02 the guest house ones describe abuse cuts of signal of soccer of Digital+
     28-02 the abierto Canal+ in could be called Channel 4
     25-02 Tele 5 will again emit the Championship of the World of Formula 1
     25-02 New image for Hollywood Channel
     25-02 Antenna 3 asks that it is prohibited to Canal+ that abra its emissions
     22-02 Sogecable asks that Canal+ emits the 24 hours of the day in open
     22-02 Sogecable reduces to its losses a 52% but it loses subscribers
     19-02 Sogecable studies to pass the clients of analogical C+ to Digital+

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