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Digital+ is the result of the absorption of Via Digitalis on the part of Digital Satelite channel.

The 8 of May of 2002, Sogecable and Telefónica, top shareholders of their digital platforms reach an agreement to integrate Via Digitalis in Sogecable. Finally the 3 of July of 2003 Via Digitalis are absorbed by Sogecable and the 21 of July the emission of the new platform begins officially.

Digital+ has 1.854.015 subscribers, according to official data to 30 of September of 2005.

The platform emits its supply through two satellites: Astra1 (19,2º This) and Hispasat (30º the West)

Address: Avenue of the Craftsmen, 6 - Sogecable Building 28760 Three Songs, Madrid. Tel: 91 524 58 00 Fax: 91 524 58 70

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  • The present time of Digital+

    Digital+ will not be able to continue imposing its decoders
    The Provincial Hearing of Madrid forces in a sentence the platform of Sogecable to liberalize the market of the television decoders after a denunciation of the Union of Consumers of Pontevedra…

    Digital+ will continue emitting the TVE channels
    The TVE and Sogecable renew the agreement by which the seven present channels of the public chain will continue being distributed by the platform via Digital+ satellite…

    The supplies by Digital+ do not satisfy the requirements necessary
    Haste announces that the supplies received by Digital+ did not satisfy the requirements established, while assures that the banks of the credit bridge totally are informed into the situation

    Telecinco Sixth The Biography Chanel Antenna 3

          File of the news of year 2009
      09-01 Condena to a hotelkeeper to half year of jail to piratear Digital+
      01-01 The Biography Chanel and Decasa are integrated to Digital+
          File of the news of year 2008
      01-01 The Biography Chanel and Decasa are integrated to Digital+
      25-12 Changes in the internal dial of Digital+ with the new year
      19-12 Sixth it returns to comprise of the supply of Digital+
      19-12 Haste postpones the sale of Digital+ until 2009
      15-12 Telecinco and Antena 3 are gotten up free to Digital+
      12-12 Antenna 3 is also gotten up to the supply of Digital+
      12-12 the magazine of Digital+ is the read monthly publication more of Spain
      11-12 Digital+ will start up in January the new English channel TV
      09-12 Digital+ incorporates to its supply the channels The Biography Chanel and decasa
      05-12 Haste negotiates with Vivendi and Telefónica the sale of Digital+
      05-12 Nagravisión shows to its strength a year after working in Digital+
      05-12 Yacom and Digital+ send a new joint promotion
      04-12 Digital+ returns to emit by second year channel FAMA 24 Hours
      28-11 Telecinco returns to comprise of the supply of Digital+
      24-11 Telefónica and Vivendi could send a joint supply by Digital+
      17-11 Vodafone and Digital+ send to a joint supply of ADSL and television
      06-11 Haste considers to postpone the sale of Digital+
      05-11 Murdoch not to quierer Digital+ and approaches the platform Telephone
      23-10 the Intereconomía channel TV leaves Digital+
      21-10 Digital+ continues losing paid
      21-10 Haste anticipates in a month to have a list of candidates for the sale of Digital+
      03-10 Digital+ will send in December two new channels in high resolution
      29-09 Digital+ incorporates to its supply the television channel Hogarutil
      24-09 Digital+ returns to codify its signal in Astra and Hispasat
      25-09 the Digital+ platform is worth 3,850 million of €
      24-09 Digital+ returns to codify its signal in Astra and Hispasat
      24-09 Digital+ demands an extra amount to the subscribers who terminated themselves
      24-09 Digital+ returns to integrate in its supply the Great channel Brother 24H
      18-09 Digital+ incorporates the Circus channel 24h
      17-09 Haste receives six supplies by the purchase of Digital+
      16-09 Telecinco studies its participation bids up in it by Digital+
      05-09 the Italian Mediaset is one more a company interested in Digital+
      22-08 Haste communicates that the 15 of September the prohibition by Digital+ is abre
      06-08 Digital+ only caught 6% of new clients of the payment TV until June
      06-08 Comienzan the emissions of TVE-HD in Digital+
      06-08 Four and Digital+ acquire the World-wide one of South Africa 2010
      29-07 Two stopped to facilitate the signal of Digital+ to neighbors
      23-07 the Spanish platform Digital+ reaches its 5 years of life
      23-07 the digital fusion in Spain has not served to give push to the TV via satellite
      11-07 Digital+ loses the rights of the Champions League of payment
      04-07 the BSkyB Briton studies to buy Digital+ by 2,500 million
      01-07 Digital+ will increase in August the tariffs of the majority of its packages
      30-06 Murdoch wants Digital+ to increase their presence European in TV of payment
      25-06 Digital+ and Imagenio will offer the Games of Beijing in high resolution
      25-06 Digital+ will incorporate a new channel for smallest
      18-06 a survey reveals the satisfaction of the users of I Extra
      18-06 Haste and the financial group HSBC prepares the sale of Digital+
      09-06 Telephone, the great candidate to remain with Digital+
      23-05 Haste studies the total or partial sale of Digital+
      15-05 Digital+ could be negotiating its sale with the tycoon Carlos Slim
      15-05 and Digital+ are united to create YACOM+
      05-05 the magazine of Digital+ ratifies its leadership, according to the EGM
      29-04 justice says that he was legal to turn Canal+ into Four
      18-04 Digital+ returns to change cards to accede to its signal
      17-04 Digital+ will be distributed in Andorra in this second trimester
      11-04 Animax and Sony Entertainment arrive at Digital+ and Portugal
      07-04 extreme Digital+ only 15,000 subscribers in the last year
      03-04 the channel Operation Triumph starts in Digital+ and several operators
      26-03 half of the hearing of the soccer of payment in Spain takes Canal+ to it
      21-02 police Action against the pirateo of Digital+ in hotels
      11-02 the data of Digital+ confirm that its business of TV is suspended
      05-02 Digital+ closed the past year gaining 19,000 subscribers
      29-01 Digital+ presents/displays its chain in high resolution Canal+ HD
      22-01 Digital+ incorporates to its supply the Popular channel TV
      21-01 Movable Digital+ incorporates channels FAMA 24horas and Adult Swim
      17-01 Digital+ looks for to recover the PPV in soccer
      16-01 Digital+ presents/displays the high resolution like one of the challenges of this year
      07-01 Digital+ starts up channel FAMA 24 Hours
          File of the news of year 2007
      26-12 Classic TCM and TCM resign to the publicity in their emissions
      20-12 Four and Digital+ will emit the Eurocopa of 2008 soccer
      17-12 Latin Channel is gotten up to Digital+
      13-12 Digital+ proves the High resolution in Hispasat and Astra
      11-12 Digital+ uses only 3 Nagravisión and Mediaguard 2
      28-11 the Intereconomía channel TV will follow in the supply of Digital+
      27-11 Stopped 3 installers to piratear Digital+ for neighbor communities
      27-11 Digital+ denounces to Mediapro to yield parties to Sport Sky
      22-11 Telefónica and Sogecable will send to the Trio+ the 1 of December
      20-11 Sogecable will send to Canal+ in high resolution in January of 2008
      12-11 Digital+ will increase its tariffs in December
      12-11 Competition investigates the Sogecable and Telefónica alliance
      09-11 the Group Haste ratifies its will to conserve Digital+
      30-10 Important reduction of the PPV of Digital+
      27-10 Digital+ contract a new transponder of Astra for the HD
      25-10 the change of cards of subscribers of Digital+ is realized in two phases
      17-10 Digital+ loses 10,000 subscribers three months in the last
      10-10 a judge imposes an open party in and the rest in Digital+ and Canal+
      04-10 Digital+ loses the exclusive right of the Italian league of soccer
      03-10 Digital+ sends a supply of television directed to immigrants
      28-09 the Rumanian channel Pro TV will be gotten up to Digital+
      26-09 Digital+ commercializes receiver that allows to see a channel and to record another one
      13-09 Digital+ emits the Brother Great channel
      12-09 Digital+ will send a decoder PVR, TDT and HDTV at the end of month
      06-08 Digital+ acquires the rights of 10 equipment of the Italian league
      20-07 Seven stopped to distribute pirate decoders of Digital+
      17-07 Digital+ loses 9,000 subscribers in the second trimester
      17-07 Sogecable reaches net benefit 58.1 million Euros to June
      12-07 Digital+ returns to change of Symbol Rate three transponders of Hispasat
      10-07 Digital+ renews the rights of Wimbledon until 2010
      04-07 40 Latin seeing is the second thematic chain more, after Fox
      03-07 Digital+ closed June with one of the best data of hearing of its history
      03-07 Sixth it extends cover and it stops emitting in Digital+ like FDF
      27-06 Telefónica and Sogecable decide to share contents, among them Digital+
      18-06 Sixth it decides to leave Digital+ after the contract breach
      18-06 Haste denies rumors on possible sale of Digital+
      08-06 Digital+ and Hispasat sign agreement to develop the TV by satellite
      31-05 Digital+ sends a new advisory service of programming
      28-05 Digital+ sends iPlus, a decoder with 160 GB, TDT and High resolution
      21-05 Digital+ broke east Sunday its historical record of consumption
      16-05 Caracol the International lands in Europe of the hand of Digital+
      09-05 Odyssey secures its better data of hearing from its birth
      07-05 Digital+ starts up its Latin Canal+ supply
      01-05 Digital+ registers the best weekend of hearing of its history
      25-04 TNT, the new channel of Turner arrive at Spain the 1 from May
      24-04 Digital+ studies to send a package of Latin channels in its supply
      17-04 Digital+ adds 21,000 new subscribers in the first trimester
      17-04 Sogecable obtains a benefit of 1.2 million in the three first months
      16-04 Sogecable prepares with Telephone offering service of Internet
      11-04 Sogecable continues being the referring one of the TV by payment in Spain
      31-03 Digital+ incorporates two new television channels as of April
      31-03 Disney Channel celebrates east April his ninth anniversary in Spain
      30-03 New police action in Andalusia to piratear Digital+
      20-03 Sogecable invoiced to the past year a 9.3% more
      16-03 Digital+ orders an audience research to contradict to Sofres
      15-03 Odisea and Documanía megre like unique channel as of April
      06-03 Canal+ is seen of the thematic TV in its historical record
      02-03 Caza and Pesca abre its emission to celebrate the 100,000 subscribers
      20-02 Digital+ includes new channels of the news to its supply
      16-02 Digital+ agrees to new conditions for the emission of soccer in the bars
      16-02 Digital+ has predicted to send a platform HD with 20 channels
      13-02 Digital+ in the last gained 38,000 subscribers quarterly of 2006
      13-02 Sogecable lost 38M € in 2006 but it increased his invoicing a 9.3%
      25-01 Classic TCM initiates their emissions the 1 of February through Digital+
      24-01 Canal+ reorganizes its supply in six new channels of cinema and sports
      17-01 Digital+ announces the incorporation of new channels in its supply
      11-01 More Than Music it will replace to Classic Channel
     09-01 Digital+ changes of Symbol Rate two transponders of Hispasat

    - - - file of the news of year 2005 and 2006

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