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Satellites Nilesat 101-102 and Atlantic IBRD 4 (7º the West)

Images of the channels of sports
The operator of Egyptian satellite Nilesat at present has in the orbital position of 7º the West the satellites 101 Nilesat and Nilesat 102 to which there are to add Atlantic IBRD 4 rented to Eutelsat and that has been red-baptize like Nilesat 103. Here we presented/displayed the televising chains of sports that emit their porgramación in open. Gentility of

In order to consult the frequencies of these channels to go a:"

To Sport Jazeera 1
To Sport Jazeera 2
Abu Dhabi Sports 1
Abu Dhabi Sports 2
To the Ahly
To the Kass
To the Naser
Car 1
Sport Dream
Dubai Racing
Dubai Sports 1
Dubai Sports 2
Gear One
Iraq Sports
Lybia Sports 1
Lybia Sports 2
Sport Modern
Sport Nile
Saudi Sports

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