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The high resolution and its average truths
The television in high resolution is full of erroneous ideas and average truths…

HDTV - The news of the television of high definition

Digital Sky incorporates Sci Fi HD and sum already 31 channels in high resolution
The Global channel of NBC Universal Networks starts the past of official form in the platform of BSkyB (Astra 2 - 28,2º This) after having been in period of tests from month of December…

Hispasat will incorporate new television channels in high resolution
The Spanish operator jointly realizes tests with Sogecable and Telefónica, that will suppose the incorporation of new television channels in high resolution to the audio-visual supply of the company…

The French TDT in high resolution by satellite from the 15 of February
The abierto supply in of TNT HD will consist of the channels TF1, France 2, Arte and M6, available through the Astra satellites (19,2º This), being necessary a receiver whose price oscillates between the 200 and 400 Euros…

BBC HD Fashion HD TV3 HD

File of the news of year 2009
  14-01 Digital channel extreme Nordic already 16 channels of high resolution
  13-01 MTVN HD and Nick Jr send this year in Germany
File of the news of year 2008
  30-12 Art HD will be subtitled in French
  19-12 Digital Sky proves the television successfully 3D
  15-12 the Barça - Madrid in high resolution but does not stop Spain
  10-12 Digital+ closes the year with three channels of high resolution
  28-11 Antenna 3 requests the high resolution in the TDT is voluntary
  24-11 Europe will have 150 television networks in high resolution in 2010
  21-11 BBC HD Europe takes the 3 of December in Digital channel Nordic
  20-11 Telephone lance Imagenio HD, its television in high resolution
  19-11 the Catalan TV3 wants to reactivate their channel of high resolution
  18-11 ARD will return to emit in high resolution during Christmas
  11-11 Classica HD will be codified in Astra as of January of 2009
  07-11 the high resolution television already is a reality in Argentina
  06-11 Eutelsat reaches the 63 television channels of high resolution
  22-10 Televés sends the antenna of the TV High Definition
  21-10 the channel of the Fashion fashion TV sends to its version in high resolution
  17-10 M6 will free emit in high resolution through the TDT
  15-10 Digital Sky sum two new channels in High resolution
  09-10 Astra will continue offering more classic music in high resolution
  02-10 BBC HD Europe will be integrated in Digital channel Nordic in December
  24-09 the channel in high resolution Euro 1080 will stop its emissions in Astra
  18-09 SES Astra hopes to soon reach the 60 channels of high resolution
  18-09 the Catalan TV3 gives frenazo to their chain of high resolution
  15-09 MTV sends to its channel in high resolution that soon will arrive at Spain
  10-09 ARD and ZDF will begin to emit in high resolution in 2010
  01-09 Premiere wants to have more TV channels in high resolution
  27-08 New German channel in high resolution through Astra satellite
  25-08 Poland will be the first one of Europe that will emit BBC HD Europe
  22-08 Digital Sky will start up 7 new channels in High resolution
  18-08 MTV in high resolution will be called Palladia
  21-07 Sci Fi HD will be gotten up to the French platform CanalSat
  09-07 Anixe HD will emit part of the Games of Beijing in abierto by Astra
  09-07 RTVE will have its channel of High resolution in April of 2010
  02-07 Success of BBC HD to emit in open the Eurocopa and Wimblendon
  30-06 SES Astra reaches the 35 channels in high resolution with Art HD
  27-06 France 2 HD begins to emit through Astra satellite 1L
  25-06 Digital+ and Imagenio will offer the JJOO of Beijing in high resolution
  23-06 the Eurocopa shoots to the demand of high resolution television
  20-06 France 2 HD will be added to Art HD in July through Astra
  13-06 the BBC also will emit in high resolution for all Europe
  13-06 the TVE will have a channel in high resolution for the Games of Beijing
  10-06 Eurosport HD negotiates its distribution in Spain
  04-06 Zon TV Cabo sells to the day a thousand of receivers for the HD
  03-06 Zon TV Cabo activates its three first channels in high resolution
  27-05 To the Jazeera Sports it will offer the Eurocopa in high resolution
  26-05 Eurosport HD starts through four satellites
  22-05 Art HD will be available in open through Astra satellite 1F
  22-05 Zon TV Cabo announces the exclusive feature of the Sport channel TV HD
  22-05 Canal+ is the unique candidate for the TDT of payment in HD in France
  19-05 Eurosport begins to emit in high resolution
  16-05 Eutelsat determines its objectives to the emergent countries and the HD
  14-05 TV Cabo will activate services of VOD and TV in high resolution
  14-05 Meo will offer the Eurocopa 2008 in high resolution through TVI
  07-05 the satellite Atlantic IBRD 1 proves format MPEG-4
  30-04 TV Cabo emits in tests in high resolution
  30-04 Spain is the second European country with more televisions HD
  28-04 a 18% of Americans acquire TV HD for the videjuegos
  22-04 the TV in HD will reach 44 million homes in order year
  18-04 Astra will spread to the signal in high resolution of Austrian TV ORF
  11-04 the electronic sector asks to drive the high resolution TV
  10-04 History Chanel lands in Central Europe in high resolution
  08-04 RAI will begin to emit in high resolution this 2008
  02-04 the Dutch television will emit in high resolution in 2009
  27-03 Formula 1 can see in high resolution by the Intelsat 10-02
  11-03 Eurosport confirms the launching of its channel in High resolution
  10-03 Europe will have at the end of year 3.5 million subscribers to the HDTV
  10-03 the Dutch Digitaal channel will send to two channels in high resolution
  06-03 Briton BBC will prove the high resolution in 3D
  03-03 Digital Sky will incorporate three new TV channels in high resolution
  18-02 Premiere reaches the 110,000 subscribers in high resolution
  18-02 Teuve works in the project to send to a channel in high resolution
  15-02 ProSieben and Sat.1 stop emitting in high resolution by Astra
  14-02 the TVE will offer the JJOO of Beijing in high resolution for the TDT
  04-02 Eutelsat Sesat distributes to Spanish soccer in high resolution
  29-01 Digital+ presents/displays its chain in high resolution Canal+ HD
  16-01 Digital+ presents/displays the high resolution like challenge of this year
File of the news of year 2007
  27-12 the channel in high resolution Euro 1080 will stop its emissions in Astra
  13-12 Digital+ proves the High resolution in Hispasat and Astra
  29-11 Disney starts up its first channel in HD in France
  20-11 Sogecable will send to Canal+ in high resolution in January of 2008
  09-11 Hispasat, good option to implant the high resolution in Spain
  07-11 Orange experiences in Spain the high resolution television
  06-11 BSkyB reaches the 358,000 subscribers in high resolution
  27-10 Digital+ contract a new transponder of Astra for the HD
  23-10 a Japanese operator of television begins to emit in 3D
  01-10 Telephone he will start with his supply in HD before finishing the year
  28-09 MTV projects to send a channel in HD for Europe
  27-09 DirecTV starts up 21 channels in high resolution
  26-09 Campus HD, pioneer in TDT of Interactive High resolution of Europe
  20-09 Meter-Goldwyn-Mayer will send a channel in HDTV in the USA
  19-09 the announcements in high resolution arrive better at the hearing
  14-09 Cnn International in high resolution in Germany
  14-09 Tests in high resolution of the platform Cyfrowy Polsat
  01-09 Premiere reaches the 80,000 subscribers in high resolution
  27-07 ARD will begin his first emissions in high resolution
  24-07 the satellite will distribute to the TV in high resolution in Europe
  04-07 Direct TV sends to this week a satellite for the high resolution TV
  15-06 10% of the French homes are equipped with a television in HD
  11-06 More than 3 million TV of High resolution they will be sold in Spain
  07-06 First pornographic film in high resolution TV in the United States
  07-06 SkyHD Italy has 50,000 subscribers to the year to send itself
  28-05 Digital+ sends iPlus, a receiver with 160 GB, TDT and High resolution
  23-05 Digital Sky continues improving the contents of its supply in HD
  22-05 CanalSat sends to a new chain of cinema in high resolution
  15-05 Premiere reaches the 70,000 subscribers in high resolution
  02-05 Sky UK presents/displays his third channel of sports in HD
  02-05 Russian platform NTV Extra announces its supply of high resolution
  17-04 the United Kingdom increases the number of channels in high resolution
  26-03 TV3 is prepared to emit in high resolution the 23 of April
  16-03 the number of users of the high resolution increases in Spain
  15-03 Telephone it presents/displays his Channel AD in the Hispasat satellite
  13-03 Swiss television SRG SSR will send to east year its first channel HDTV
  09-03 the high resolution has its future in the sector of the TV by satellite
  22-02 Premiere reaches the 60,000 subscribers in high resolution
  22-02 the BBC in high resolution to point
  21-02 the number of high definition TVs will be tripled in 2011
  16-02 Digital+ has predicted to send a platform HD with 20 channels
12-02 Astra already supplies 26 chains of TV in high resolution
12-02 the homes with high resolution TV will be tripled in 2011
09-02 Russia will send in March the TV in high resolution
08-02 Switzerland pospones to send to the TV of High resolution until 2012
07-02 Created the Forum of TV High resolution with representatives of the sector
31-01 12 million European homes will receive the HDTV before 2010
23-01 the Cnn in high resolution will start up the next autumn
18-01 Euro1080 adopts new sound for transmissions MPEG-4 HDTV
10-01 TVC wants to emit in high resolution before the end of year
10-01 DirecTV defines the 2007 like the year of the HDTV
File of the news of year 2006
18-12 Canal+ HD France has 80,000 subscribers already
04-12 Telephone lance AD, the first Spanish channel in High resolution
23-10 Test of Eurosport in High resolution
03-10 TV Cabo will send to a new receiver of High resolution
20-09 the TV in high resolution is postponed for want of demand
11-09 the high resolution TV disembarks in Europe
27-07 Eurosport will send to version in High resolution
21-06 TPS surpasses the 15,000 subscribers in their supply in High resolution
08-06 France experiences the TV in High resolution in Roland Garros
24-05 Delay in the delivery of receivers HD of Digital Sky
03-05 Sky Italy sends to its supply in high resolution
20-04 Hispasat proves for the first time high resolution TV successfully

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