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The news of January of 2008

31-01 the TV of payment in the Middle East and Africa of the north points stop
31-01 EuroNews will stop its signal in a transponder of Hot IBRD 6
31-01 DTH Premium, new supply of pay channels for the Maghreb
31-01 the satellite Sirius 4 remains only in the orbit of 5º This
30-01 Premiere incorporates the Conax codification to 16 channels
29-01 the digital fusion in Spain turns 5 years of life
29-01 French-speaker Belgium will have a digital platform in Astra
29-01 BSkyB will have to reduce its participation in ITV
29-01 Chinese channel TVBS Europe emits by the satellite Eurobird 9
29-01 Telecinco could request a delay in the TDT of payment
28-01 To the Jazeera Sport+3 it delays his beginning in the Nilesat satellite
28-01 a Russian rocket Proton sends to spaced the Express-AM33 satellite
28-01 Condenan to Sogecable to pay by author rights
28-01 Peru will begin east year its emissions of terrestrial digital TV
26-01 the TPS subscribers continue realizing the migration CanalSat
26-01 the channel of relax Melody Zen is decided by the satellite Eurobird 9
26-01 Canary Television reclaims the soccer of First Division
25-01 France Telecom will send service of TV by satellite
25-01 Televisió de Catalonia drives the format 16x9
25-01 platform UPC Direct incorporates new channels
23-01 the piracy punishes to the Arab platform Showtime
23-01 TV Cabo dominates 80% of the market of the TV of payment of Portugal
23-01 channels ARD and ZDF put date to their analogical disconnection
23-01 the new Melody platform starts through satellite Badr 4
22-01 Rumania continues winning paid the payment TV by satellite
22-01 Digital+ incorporates to its supply the Popular channel TV
22-01 TBS extends distribution of Fashion TV in Latin America
22-01 Ono will demand to summon new contests TDT if the PPV is allowed
22-01 Geo TV, the most popular channel of Pakistan returns to emit
21-01 the Argentine chain Satelite Channel 13 lands in Europe
21-01 Movable Digital+ incorporates channels FAMA 24horas and Adult Swim
21-01 Andalusia asks to regulate pornographic announcements of the local chains
21-01 HBO is sent to by the Internet unloadings
21-01 Star TV and Entertainment Digitalis will distribute channels in India
18-01 Sirius 4 replaces to all the transponders of Sirius 2
18-01 TV Cabo buys TVTel and adds 74,000 clients to its portfolio
18-01 Discovery Channel in Spanish stops emitting in open
18-01 To the Jazeera the condemned by a court of Kuwait by defamation
18-01 Crean platform to be able to see in open the TV autonomic
18-01 France wants to apply a tax for the public TV
18-01 First anniversary of the channel Digital Freedom Television
17-01 Digital+ looks for to recover the PPV in soccer
17-01 the channel of the EuroNews news will have a new image in April
17-01 the pay television increases its quota of screen in 2007
17-01 an Ariane-5 will place in orbit in 2010 the emiratí satellite Yahsat 1A
17-01 Telecinco acquires 28.3% of CaribeVisión
16-01 the erotic cards and of soccer are demanded
16-01 Digital+ presents/displays the high resolution like one of the 2008 challenges
16-01 Sent to the space the Arab satellite Thuraya-3
16-01 public television Italian RAI undertakes its reform
16-01 RTVE closed year 2007 with surplus
15-01 Premiere denies that it is going to leave Nagravisión
15-01 the Polish platform Cyfrowy Polsat prepares a channel of the news
15-01 Castille-La Mancha initiates a new thematic channel of tourism
15-01 Current TV also will comprise of the supply of Sky Italy
14-01 the Baby channel TV also can attract in Spanish language
14-01 Arianespace will send in 2009 the satellite for America de Hispasat
14-01 Eutelsat will send an exclusive satellite of Ka band
11-01 police Action in Poland conta the piracy of the payment TV
11-01 One of each four Spanish homes has terrestrial digital TV
10-01 Sirius 4 is less powerful in the south of Europe that its predecessor
10-01 Television of Galicia will send a second channel
09-01 Popular TV begins to emit in open in the Astra satellite 1L
09-01 France wants to eliminate the publicity in its public television
09-01 the EC authorizes to TDF to buy branch of Deustche Telekom
08-01 News Corp buys 14.58% of the German platform Premiere
08-01 Turkish channel TRT will emit its programming in 8 languages
08-01 China declares the war to the audio-visual industry of sex
07-01 To the Sport Jazeera 7A leaves the satellite Hot IBRD
07-01 Llega the TDT through Hispasat satellite
07-01 Digital+ starts up channel FAMA 24 Hours
07-01 RealMadridTV stops definitively in abierto by Hispasat and Astra
05-01 a million homes in the USA request aid for the digital TV
05-01 Portuguese Government authorizes a new generalist channel of TV
05-01 AXN was the thematic channel leader in prioritizes Time of year 2007
02-01 the new satellite Sirius 4 is placed in 5º This

File of the news per years

Year 2008 Year 2007 Year 2006 Year 2005
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