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More news of February of 2005

The CMT transfers the Combine case
The Commission of the Market of Telecomunicaciones (CMT) has decided the remission to the Service of Defense of the Competition of its report on the denunciation presented/displayed by Combines against Sogecable by not to have respected some conditions imposed by the Government to allow to the fusion of the platforms Digital Satelite channel and Via Digitalis.

In particular, the Council of the CMT approved the past in his meeting of 3 of March the shipment to this dependant service of the Ministry of Economy and Property of the report elaborated by the regulating organ in relation to the denunciation presented/displayed by Combines Telecommunications about the breach, on the part of Sogecable, of the conditions ninth, tenth and twentieth first in the agreement of the Cabinet of 29 of November of 2002. In those sections, the Government conditioned the fusion to that Sogecable guaranteed the commercialization to third parties - in equitable conditions, I am transparent and not discriminatorias- of, at least, a channel that include cinematographic largometrajes, with characteristics equivalent to the existing channels “premium” then, produced by the “great studies” in first window of pay television. (ABC, 11-02-05)

RaceWorld TV, new channel dedicated to the motor in Astra
RaceWorld TV already is a reality through Astra satellite (19,2º This) after being pioneering in Internet. The chain makes a special pursuit of the events of the motor worldwide, like Formula 1, the series GrandAm Rolex, the Superfund Euro 3000 and GT or the 24 hours of Daytona, among others. The channel, with soothes in Holland, is an initiative of company SMV Audiovisuals BV, one the most important producers dedicated to the sport of the motor by television in Europe.

RaceWorld TV can be tuned in emission of tests through the frequency 12.610-V GHz (MR. 22000, FEC 5/6) of the Astra satellite. (10-02-05)

Investigation in France by the rights of soccer in television
The Office of the public prosecutor of Paris has abierto to a judicial investigation by the contract signed by the six richer clubs of France (PSG, Lyons, Marseilles, Monaco, Lens and Bordeaux) and the Canal+ television for the preferred diffusion of its parties between 1999 and 2003. The six clubs were then associate in which they called “Europe Club” and the 15 of April of 1999 signed a contract with Canal+. The television was committed to pay 160 annual million in view of to spread its parties, although the contract did not specify any concrete counterpart by the money, which troubles the French financial brigade, according to it publishes Le Figaro. In particular, thanks to the Canal+ contract it obtained a high-priority right of option to acquire the rights of operation of all the parties and, mainly, the parties of the French league.

The new judicial investigation in French soccer is added to already abiertas by justice, mainly those of the presumed irregularities in the crossings of the PSG and the Olympique of Marseilles. (Eurosport, 10-02-05)

The analysts prehorseradish tree income record for Sogecable
The forecasts on the results of Sogecable for exercise 2004 aim that the company can obtain that exercise a number of business record, after the process of integration of Via Digitalis. The average of estimations picked up by IBES indicates that the income of the audio-visual group will be placed around 1,425 million Euros, which supposes an increase of 21.8% on the 1,169 million Euros registered in 2003. As far as the net result, the average of the forecasts of the experts is placed in losses of 102 million Euros, with a rank that oscillates between a minimum of 63 million and a maximum of 158 million Euros. The red numbers of exercise 2003 ascended to 329.6 million Euros, had essentially to the expenses of reconstruction by integration of Via Sport Audio-visual Digitalis and. (Cincodías, 10-02-05)

Industry retires the service of pricing to Local TV Telesierra
The Ministry of Industry has retired the telephone number of services of additional pricing to the network of local TV Telesierra, as a result of a denunciation presented/displayed by the OCU (Organization of Consumers and Users) by consisting of fraud false televised contests whose authentic purpose is to maintain to the viewer offerer the greater possible time to the telephone and pays more to the lender of the service by the call.

According to information of a Web nonofficial in Internet, Telesierra counts on transmitters associated in Alicante, To Corunna, the Toledos, Murcia, Granada, Seville, Barcelona, Madrid and Saragossa, who operate mainly with the marks Moved Local and Channel MX. In an official notice, the OCU was congratulated of this resolution but it is sorry that it has not become extensive to the rest of local televisions that use this type of contests whose unique objective is to maintain maximum the time allowed to the unwary spectator who makes the call to solve a simple riddle and thus to be able to obtain the prize that is offered.

According to the OCU the decision does not consider the aspect main: that these contests are not such and deceive to those who to try to accede to compete that, at no moment they do, it. (Agencies, 09-02-05)

The German platform extreme Premiere already 3.200.000 subscribers
The Germanic operator of payment has increased her number of subscribers in a 10.3% during the last year being placed in the 3.2 million clients. Agreeing with this good moment, the people in charge of Premiere have announced the imminent exit to stock market. The price of exit of its titles will pay attention next the 22 of February and the investors will be able to begin to subscribe the actions the following day. The company will quote in the segment Prioritizes Standard of the German market.

Premiere, that will carry out the greater exit to stock market of a communications group from 1997, had already announced its intention to begin to quote in the markets in March, but it had not determined until the moment a concrete date. At the moment, the main shareholder of Premiere is the investing group Permira, with a 55% of the capital. The platform registered the past year a benefit before taxes of 82.9 million Euros, against the losses of 21.2 million 2003 Euros. These data take place after the group decided to change its system of codification, Irdeto, one of the most pirateados in Europe, without forgetting that Premiere must also fight with the ample competition in the market of the existing television in Germany.

Premiere offers its supply of channels through Astra1 satellite (19, º This) using the system of encryption Nagravision Aladin. (09-02-05)

Canal+ will change all their programming if it manages to emit in open
Canal+ is more and more about emitting in open. However, this is not synonymous of which the ships standard of the channel like the Soccer of Liga in direct, films of opening and the documentary ones of quality arrive to be seen in all the Spanish homes. All this programming will migrate to Digital+ when Polanco obtains the new analogical license that prepares the Government.

Polanco already has in pocket one of the two new licenses of analogical television that prepares the Government in the new law of the audio-visual sector, according to they point the different actors from the sector and sources of Sogecable. The equipment of Canal+ already is preparing one complete reconstruction of the contents of the signal. If they manage the authorization to emit in open, the objective is to adapt the new supply in open to the requirements of the auditors, without complicating the present subscribers.

This means that the programs star of Canal+ like soccer in direct, the opening films or the documentary ones never will be seen in abierto, because they will migrate to the digital supply of Sogecable, Digital+. With this two objectives are obtained, on the one hand the programs of the platform by payment are harnessed and by another one mistrusts between the present subscribers of Canal+ are avoided. (PRNoticias, 09-02-05)

The Catalan television will maintain its Audio-visual 20% in Sport
The Catalan Corporació of Ràdio i Televisió (CCRTV) and the Sogecable group have reached an Audio-visual agreement on the future from Sport by which the Catalan corporation maintains its participation of 20% in the shareholders. As of season 2006-2007, the Sport Audio-visual society anticipates positive results that will allow the CCRTV to be recovering the important accumulated losses from 1997 because of their participation. With this agreement, that according to the CCCRTV extends and improves the conditions of the original pact of 1997, it recognizes the Catalan corporation the right to relay in deferred all the parties of the FC Barcelona and the RCD Espanyol, as much of League as of Glass, from season 2003-2004 to the 2007-2008.

According to the CCRTV, with this agreement one full stop puts to a long period of tension and disputes with Sogecable, that took in summer of 2003 to be near the rupture of negotiations. (08-02-05)

RAI will be privatized partially
RAI, Italian public television, partially will be privatized before finalizing this year 2005, according to has announced the Italian minister of economy. The process for its privatization will begin after the publication of the semester results of the organization. In Italy, the reform of the law that it regulates the audio-visual sector, voted in 2004, anticipates the partial privatization of RAI, with a maximum of 30% of its capital. (08-02-05)

The Arab chain Rotana will send a channel of sports
The chain with soothes in Saudi Arabia and property of the prince Hassan bin Talal, has the intention to compete in the sport land with The Jazeera Sports. Thus, and according to the Moroccan newspaper To the Ahdat informs, Rotana will start up east April its own channel of sports. So far, the future television assures to have the rights to emit the Italian league (Calcium) and would be studying the possibility of doing the own thing with the Spanish league, although for it will have to fight with The Jazeera Sports, present proprietor of the rights.

It is not known if this new sport channel of Rotana will emit in open or codified. The chosen satellite is the Nilesat (7º the West), the same by which emits Rotana its four channels, all of them in open: Rotana TV, Rotana Cinema, Rotana Clip and Rotana Taraba. For its reception in Spain and following the geographic zone, a satellite dish with 90 is necessary a minimum diameter of cms. (08-02-05)

Al-Jazeera, the villa marks more influential in the world
The Arab channel of the news by Al-Jazeera satellite has been considered the villa marks anywhere in the world more influential, behind the icons Apple, Google, Ikea and Starbucks. This is what reveals a survey realized by the world-wide consultant According to this sounding, the channel was the fifth with greater impact in the life of about two thousand readers of this page Web. Al-Jazeera has his soothes in Qatar and is property of the Emir of that country. During both last years it has been a constant element in the later television newscasts as a result of his cover of the war of Iraq and facts. In addition, Osama uses it to Bin Laden like chosen channel to send its messages.

The channel, that was sent in 1996, and sees about 35 million it spectators, has reconfirmado recently who were going to look for private partners or to carry out a launching. In fact, this year they will move towards the general current with the launching of an international channel of the news in English, that it will work paralelamente to its service of the news in Arab.

To the Jazeera it is possible to be caught in open through the Astra1 satellites (19,2º This), Hot IBRD (13º This) and Nilesat (7º the West). The chain, in addition, owns the sport channel To the Jazeera Sports, which makes a pursuit very special of the Spanish league of soccer. (08-02-05)

Sogecable completes the integration of Via Digitalis with an amount of end of almost 342 million Euros
Sogecable has communicated to the CNMV the conclusion, on the 31 of December last, of the process of reconstruction of its activities initiated in the month of 2003 July after the integration of Via Digitalis. Sogecable affirms that it has reached the determined objectives, having destined a total amount of 341.9 million Euros, on an initial estimation of 300-400 million Euros realized in February of 2003. The final balance is also far below to the maximum of 500 million Euros contemplated in the financing of Sogecable, emphasizes.

This process, according to Sogecable, has consisted of the cancellation and absorption of programming commitments, technical services and of other operative costs, in order to eliminate duplicities and to rearrange and to redimensionar the activities of the company. Dated 3 of February of 2005, the participant banks in the financing of Sogecable confirmed their acceptance of the end of this process, which supposes its definitive conclusion and will allow, among others effects, to activate the reduction gears of the cost of the banking financing of Sogecable. (Agencies, 07-02-05)

Teachers TV sends this week in the United Kingdom
Digital the Sky platform starts up this week the new educative channel, Teachers TV, directed to the educational sector of the country. The new chain will be financed by the department for the education and the abilities of the United Kingdom and is born with the aim of being a aid for the professors.

Teachers TV will emit in open through Astra2 satellite (28,2º This). (07-02-05)

The change of cards is postponed decoders of Polsat
The Polish platform Cyfrowy Polsat has the intention to change its present system of codification, the Nagravisión, reason why it will have to realize a change in cards of his subscribers. Although the intention was to realize the change more soon possible, going to the Nagravision Aladin, some information coming from Poland aim that this will not be possible before a year.

Apparently the problem is in technical questions to be able to continue using the old woman logistic decoders of Cyfrowy Polsat to which other difficulties are united com the financiers and to carry out the wished change, with the aim of eradicating the piracy that affects the Polish platform, whose supply of channels distributes through satellite Hot IBRD (13º This).

The German platform Premiere and the Digital+ Spanish (paid with the oriented antenna to Hispasat) already use the system Nagravision Aladin for some time. (06-02-05)

French-speaker channel TV5 Europe will stay in analogical
People in charge of the chain have sealed an agreement by which British Telecom continues giving the service of distribution of TV5 in analogical during next the 5 years through satellite Hot IBRD (13º This). TV5 Europe will continue with the same frequency of 11.322-V GHz, but as of the second semester these emissions will happen to spread by the new satellite Hot IBRD 7A, also to 13º This.

Who next will stop his emissions in analogical and digital, also by the satellite Hot IBRD it is the international channel of Turkish television TRT. The channels Turkish public will be able to continue seeing itself in open through the satellites Türksat (42º This) and Eutelsat W3A (7º This). (06-02-05)

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