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The news of February of 2005

Eurosport 2, soon in Italy and France
Eurosport 2, sent 10 of January the past, has predicted to get up itself next to the Italian and French market. The new sport channel will land in Italy to comprise of the supply of the Sky platform, whereas in France will do the own thing with TPS. At the moment it is not known if Eurosport 2 can be incorporated in the future next to the Digital+ platform, although according to sources of Eurosport, at the moment it is in one first stage of negotiations.

Eurosport 2 was born like a complementary channel of Eurosport that increases its cover of international sport events in direct. The new channel is available in four languages, English, Polish, Turkish and Greek, and reachs 13 million homes of 35 European countries. (18-02-05)

First network of TV of digital payment of China turns half year
Digital China TV Average Inc. Ltd. (CDM) is the name of the unique platform of digital pay television of China that initiated its walking does half year. According to its people in charge, the network has become a new option of entertainment and even a fashion for the Chinese urban viewers. The government of the country more colonizing with the world gave to the approval the year last to the creation of five networks of digital pay television and the CDM was first in sending this service from the 9 of August of 2004.

In hardly five months from September last, the number of clients of the CDM has increased quickly to surpass the 100.000. The Chinese platform also has signed contracts of services with more than 90 networks of television by cable in all the country with a total of 63 million subscribers, of which 490,000 are usuary of the digital pay television. The network of the CDM counts on 17 television channels, that offer programs such as cinema, music, sports, purchases, education, guide of television and even electronic games.

The network of the CDM receives of 1 to 1.2 dollars the USA to the month to its users by the digital channels. The local experts consider that still time is needed so that most of the Chinese viewers gets used to paying by any special program that interests to them. (18-02-05)

Digital+ disconnects the PPV to more than 12,000 bars
Digital+ has disconnected the signal of its service of Ticket office (payment by vision) to than 12,000 establishments public distributed more by all Spain with the aim of preventing the illegal use of this signal. According to Digital+, the establishments, that cannot realize purchases through that system nor now exhibit soccers match, had not regularized their situation in spite of to be informed by the platform of which the use which they were doing of the signal not fit to the conditions of the contract.

Digital+ remembers that it is not the first time that suspends the signal of the PPV to local public. This platform puts at the disposal of the hotel trade establishments, of regular way, the supply TV Soccer Club with up to three different contract modalities for the service of Ticket office. According to its data, every month they register to this service around 3,000 guest house establishments. A 45% of them contract the SuperFútbol formula (all the parties of each day of League and all the parties of Glass of the King who emit in PPV more Multifútbol); a 42% Soccer 1 (a party of each day of League and a party of each day of Glass of the King more Multifútbol); and 13% remaining Access Soccer (purchase of parties of individualized form). Madrid, Catalonia and Valencian Community are the zones with greater proportional number of contracts, whereas Asturias, Murcia and Cantabria count on the smaller number. (17-02-05)

French platform TPS reaches the 1.7 million subscribers
The French digital platform, TPS (even Television Satellite) closed the last year with 1.7 million subscribers, which supposes an increase of 200,000 subscribers with respect to the 2003 exercise. Of these numbers, the subscribers through satellite continue being an overwhelming majority with respect to those of the cable: 1.310.000 against 320,000 and the 45,000 of TPSL (ADSL). In spite of these optimal results, that according to their people in charge (group TF1) will be increased in this January of 2005, TPS continues being very below their great rival, Channel Satellite Numerique, that approaches the 3 million subscribers. With regards economic data, TPS obtained in 2004 a result of operation of 2 million Euros against the 3 million Euros in 2003.

TPS is the second digital platform that was created in France and was born under the shade of the pioneering Channel Satellite Numérique with which it competes. TPS initiated their emissions in December of 1996. Part of their channels is also offered in option for the subscribers to the cable. It has a channel premium, TPS Star. The supply of TPS gives access more than 200 interactive chains and services. It emits his programming codified through satellite Hot IBRD (13º This). (SatCesc, 17-02-05)

Antenna 3 TV waits for an increase of 9% of the income
The televising chain Antenna 3 TV anticipates that their income grow this year a inter-annual 9.0%, after initiating the present exercise with a fort increase in its tariffs of publicity. The people in charge of Antenna 3 assure that their gross income will be increased over the forecasts in the first trimester, when hoping a rise among the 10 and 12%. (Agencies, 17-02-05)

Digital the Sky platform is most expensive of Europe
The British platform Digital Sky (BSkyB) is the one that more makes pay to its subscribers of all the digital platforms via satellite of Europe, taking like parameter the price of the complete package. In particular, Digital Sky with 59.4 monthly Euros is placed at the top of the most expensive platforms of Europe. BSkyB it follows the French Channel Satellite Numerique with 58.8 monthly Euros and the Italian Sky to him with 55 Euros. The Digital+ Spanish is placed more down with 50.8 monthly Euros if we rely at the cost of Total the Digital+ package.

On the contrary, Sky Italy is most expensive in pay Rep view, because the cost of a soccer match of Calcium of the series To is of 15 Euros, against the 11.9 of the Spanish league on the part of Digital+ and almost the 9 Euros of the Premier League in Great Britain on the part of the BSkyB.

The paradox occurs that the platform that more makes pay to its subscribers, Digital Sky, is the one whom more subscribers it has of all Europe, 7.6 million. The platforms Swedish and Norwegian are economic. (SatCesc, 16-02-05)

Judged 17 minors in France by pirateo
A total of 17 people, all of them juniors, has been judged before the French correctional court of Meaux accused to piratear the channels of the digital platforms Gallic TPS and Channel Satellite Numerique. The processings face pains that go from the 750 Euros to 1,500 Euros accompanied by pains of jail between three and eight months for the main ausados, according to the request of the public accusation.

By his pate Canal+ France and Canal Satellite Numerique demands 50,000 Euros for caused damages. Platform TPS requests an indemnification of 130,000 Euros to three of the processings to which it accuses to attempt against the image of the operator. (16-02-05)

Barça TV approaches the 50,000 subscribers
The Barça channel TV turns a year of operation approaching the number of the 50,000 subscribers, far beyond the one that their people in charge hoped now. Thus Gemma Larrégola confirms, director of Barça TV, in an interview to the Sport World. According to the director, until the beginning of March the exact number will not be known but it seals that the marked objectives have been surpassed fully, that were to have 25,000 in the first anniversary.

Barça TV fulfills this 15 of febero a year since on the base of the old Barça Channel an upset to its grill of programming was integrated in the supply of Digital+ giving. The improvement of the contents has increased once the own azulgrana club was implied in the involution of the thematic chain to turn it into a vehicle of communication with the partners and supporters of Soccer Barcelona Club.

At the question of if Barça TV has predicted to emit without quota and in open for everybody since Real Madrid already does TV, the director of the channel aims that many things are thinking, but each club raises its strategy so that the fans can enjoy their contents. The interplanetary dimension of blow is not possible. The exposition to be in other territories can happen through more of a type of formula. (15-02-05)

Three new musical channels in Astra for March
The German supplier Deluxe TV has predicted to send three new musical channels during the next month of March, which will emit through Astra1 satellite (19,2º This). The names of these three channels will be: Deluxe TV, that will emit videos and concerts; Deluxe Classic dedicated to classic music and the jazz; and Deluxe Nova with a musical programming of new generation and electronics. (15-02-05)

Canal+ France replaces its supply premium by a new one
The supply will enter in force from the 5 of March and until now modifies well-known like Premium by the new Canal+ bouquet, directed to the new subscribers of satellite and cable to Him. The change also will tolerate modifications in the names of the present multiplexados channels of Canal+ France.

Canal+ Décalé replaces to Canal+ Comfort, Canal+ Hi-Tech, Canal+ Cinéma and Sport Canal+ bouquet conforms the grill of Canal+ Him. The price for that they wish to acquire the package of channels is of 31.90 monthly Euros. (15-02-05)

Eutelsat chooses ILS Proton to send Hot IBRD the future
The European operator of Eutelsat satellites has chosen to ILS Proton for the launching of the next satellite of the fleet Hot IBRD, that will coposition itself to 13º This. The launching is predicted stops within a year. With a commercial fleet of 23 satellites, that cover from the American continent to the Far East, Eutelsat has become one of the three main world-wide operators of satellite, having offered more than 1,500 channels of televisón and 800 emissoras of radio for more than 120 million homes with reception of satellite or cable. (15-02-05)

Eurosport 2 is distributed in Spain but not by satellite
The service of television ADSL of Telephone, Imagenio, incorporates this 15 of February the sport chain Eurosport 2 in its package of thematic channels. One is the first agreement that Eurosport seals in Spain to distribute his second sport signal that it was sent 10 of January the past, replacing in several European platforms Eurosport News, channel that was not able to raise the espectativas that their people in charge tried. (14-02-05)

England prohibits the access to the adult channel Extasi TV
As of March he will be illegal to provide the card decoder or equipment necessary to visualize Extasi TV, a television channel for adults, whom according to the British government a violent pornography spreads unacceptable. However, the present subscribers with effective subscription will be able to continue making use of their vision, until servcio expires acquired, according to the minister of communication Andrew McIntosh.

Estaxi TV emits codified through satellite Hot IBRD (13º This) in the frequency 12.092-H GHz. (14-02-05)

Brazil sends international television channel in Spanish
The Brazilian government will put to the air in the second semester of this year, TV Brazil, a television channel with contents mainly in Spanish and oriented to invigorate integration in Latin America, project similar to other impelled by Venezuela, the TV-South. The line of the channel will be journalistic with television newscasts, documentary, cultural debates and programs. The objective of this channel is not to promote to Brazil but to help with the integration of South America, according to its people in charge.

The Brazilian president, Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva, have assured that TV Brazil is not a television channel of the government, but are a channel of the Brazilian State and that will be used like an instrument more in the process of shared in common integration that is wanted to carry out in South America and Latin America. The programs will be made as much in Portuguese, as in Spanish, by journalists coming from the services of press of the three powers of the State (Brazil Agency, TV Justice and TV Senate). (14-02-05)

Hannibal is born TV, the first deprived chain of Tunisia
Hannibal TV, property of the industralist Larbi Nasra, has begun its emissions through the satellites Nilesat (7º the West) and Arabsat 3A (26º This). Possibly also it can transmit next through satellite Hot IBRD.

Hannibal TV will have to compete in its country with the official chains TV 7, created in 1960, and Channel 21, been born in 1994, after the Tunisian government gave the approval to the deprived televising means creation. Hannibal TV will emit its its programs in Tunisian dialect. It will be a generalist channel. (14-02-05)

The condemned to compensate to Digital+ to use a card illegal decoder
The Provincial Hearing of Leon has condemned a man to pay 2,810 Euros to Digitalis +, for indemnification to piratear the signal of already disappeared Digital Satelite channel during two months. The condemned, who owned computer science knowledge, made a card apt for the decoding and inserted in her codes that obtained through nonauthorized Internet of people or organizations by the digital platform.

The sentence already is firm because it ratifies a decision of the Court of Penal number 1 of Leon. The processing, R.I.M.P., have also been condemned nine months of fine, in daily quotas of three Euros, that will have to satisfy the Administration with the State.

The reform of the Penal Code that entered October in force considers like crime the manufacture or putting at the disposal of possible users of any computer science device that serves to harm the conditional access of the broadcasting services. (12-02-05)

Eutelsat will have to stop the emissions of the Iranian channel Sahar 1
The CSA, the Council Superior of the Audio-visual French, have insisted to Eutelsat that stops the emissions of the channel Sahar 1, after the operator of satellites also did the same with the Arab chain To Manar. The Council Superior of the Audio-visual one is an independent administrative authority created by the law and that guarantees the exercise of the freedom of audio-visual communication in France

According to the CSA, the public chain Iranian Sahar 1 he spread programs that affect the dignity of the person and which they represent a risk for the public order reprovable by the law. Concretely, the chain spread programs of anti-semitic content. Sahar 1, like already disappeared To Manar, emits through satélie Hot IBRD (13º This). (11-02-05)

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