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More news of February and January of 2005

The new autonomic televisions without soccer
The new autonomic televisions that will begin to emit this year, Extremadura, Asturias, Aragon and the Balearics, will be born without soccer of first division if the Forta is not able to lower the price of the rights managed by Audio-visual Sport. The budget of the new autonomic chains does not give for joys, as Gaspar explains Brown Garci'a, chief of a main directorate of the frontier television: The price of soccer is excessive and their economic results are not so good, but its impact in the hearing and the quota of the chains is essential.

The majority of new the autonomic ones will not enter the Forta because they do not have resources to share his programming. They trust local soccer and buying his rights to offer something of the sport king, but the attractive yield and of those parties is much more low. (Periodistas21, 04-02-05)

Sent new satellite AMC-12
A Russian rocket Proton was launched this 3 of February from the Russian space-port of Baikonur, in Kazakhstan, taking the North American satellite of telecommunications AMC-12, property of the American company/signature of Americom telecommunications. The new satellite will be placed in the position geoestacionara of 37,5º the West, with the forecast that in April can already spread to programs of digital television and services of data in three territorial beams: North America, South America and part of Europe and Africa.

In the case of SES ASTRA, this one company it has commercialized under mark ASTRA 4A, 33 transponders that will offer services in Africa. Four launchings of North American satellites of telecommunications were realized successfully in 2004 with Proton de Baikonur and other six are predicted in 2005. (04-02-05)

New programming of the multiplexado one of Canal+ France
The next month of March, Canal+ France will start up the new supply of the numerical declinations of its channel premium, Canal+. Thus it has assured it Rodolphe Belmer, delegated Chief of a main directorate of the chain.

Sport Canal+ will only emit deports in schedule of prioritizes Time. Canal+ Comfort will be red-baptize like Canal+ Décalé, with the redifusión of emissions of the chain premium. Finally, Canal+ Cinéma will emit a hundred of unpublished films to the year in exclusive feature as well as a new magazine consecrated to the seventh art. (04-02-05)

Digital Sky delay to reach this year the 8 million subscribers
The British platform entered only during the last trimester of the past year 192,000 new discharges, when the forecasts located like ceiling the 180.000. Digital Sky has 7.600.000 subscribers at the moment and the objective is to reach the 8 million subscribers before finishing this year.

The new product of the group, Sky +, has been a great success, according to its people in charge. One is an interactive service that allows to register the television programs automatically. The supply of Digital Sky is accessible through satellite Astra 2 (28,2º This) and although the majority of their channels is codified, they do some it in open (commercial) and are accessible from Spain. (03-02-05)

C2i, the French chain of international information in April
The new channel will be financed with public money but before being a reality it must in the first place obtain the green light of the Commission of Brussels. According to the minister of outer subjects Gallic, Michel Barnier, the objective of C2i is to guarantee the influence of the images and French ideas through world without for that reason making shade to the oriented public chains towards the foreigner like TV5 or EuroNews.

The forecasts aim that C2i can be sent during the next month of April. It will emit during the 24 hours of the day, in French for later and of progressive form including English and the Arab. The chain of international information will be operated by the TF1-FranceTélévisions groups. (03-02-05)

EuroNews begins to emit in Turkey
The European channel of continuous information has begun its programming for Turkey forming part of the supply of the digital platform Digitürk, that it emits in codified through satellite Eutelsat W3A (7º This). Although at the moment the programming is not offered in Turkish language, hopes that shortly EuroNews can incorporate counting it on the support of public chain TRT. (03-02-05)

Premiere chooses to Grazes for launching of high resolution television in Germany
Like part of its strategy to offer television of high resolution to the spectators German, Premiere has chosen Grazes Micro Technology plc (pic.l) to provide decoders MPEG-4 that will allow the greater supplier of digital television of the country to send their revolutionary experience. (Iberonews, 03-02-05)

The Canal+ group surpasses the 8 million subscribers in all Europe
Vivendi Universal, the first company of the Canal+ group has presented the numbers concerning its activity during year 2004. Them, it is come off that the group had to 31 of December of 2004 a total of 8.400.000 subscribers in the different countries where operates. Thus, Canal+ finalized the year with 4.95 million subscribers, which supposes an increase of 48,000 with respect to the same period of 2003.

Concerning France, the digital platform by satellite, Channel Satellite Numérique, had at the end of 2004 a total of 2.99 million subscribers, which represents an increase of 238,000 subscribers more in relation to end of 2003.

The percentage of cancellation, that is to say clients who have terminated themselves, was of 8.6%. The volume of businesses of the Canal+ Group, that sold a part of its foreign branchs in 2004, is of 3.58 billions of Euros, a 14% less in relation to 2003. (02-02-05)

The Spanish government does not discard to grant new licenses for analogical television channels if they fit
The president of the Government, Jose Luis Rodriguez Zapatero, has not discarded to grant new licenses for channels in the analogical system if he allows the phantom it and he struggles before in the Congress of Diputados.Si are more technical possibilities, I could have new licenses of analogical television, although this seizure is decision and will not happen through this Parliament; it is good that the plurality advances so much in analogical, is possible, like in digitalis, is this Zapatero.

While, the Group Haste is convinced that Canal+ will begin to emit in open after the summer. This would be possible after obtaining from the Spanish government the change of license from its present condition of pay channel to other than it will allow him to be in open. In agreement with the information, the Government will grant, in addition, another license of television in analogical, possibility that would be a clear threat to the accounts of results of 3 Antenna and Telecinco, and against that the managements of both chains have been months fighting. (02-02-05)

The future autonomic television of Asturias will be called Channel 4
Channel 4 Asturias. This it is the name that will take the future autonomic television for want of its approval by the advice from administration of the public being and that will be, indeed, one of the first decisions to ratify of official form in the next days after the appointment and taking of possession of the director. The search of a name that it connects with the citizenship is not a trivial question and less if it is an autonomic television. The Tele Asturias, most desirable, is not possible because that nomination already shows an existing regional television and a similar name is not advisable either that causes confusion to the viewer.

The forecasts happen to begin to emit, from his soothes of the Labor University, in September, agreeing with the Day of Asturias, a symbolic date so that it leaves to the air a television that aspires to be very tie to the region and to give capacity to the cultural and social reality of the Principality. (The voice of Asturias, 02-02-05)

Realmadrid TV begins to emit in open
In his objective to expand Real Madrid by everybody, to offer images of the club by all the planet it is a fundamental step, reason why bet by a television within reach of the million madridistas fans. Thus, they will be 24 hours of daily emission through Digitalis channel 55 +, like until now, but without being it gives payment, and in the channels by cable Ono, Imagenio and Euskaltel, whereas the rest of the world can follow it by the satellites Astra and Hispasat.

With a potential hearing of more than 1,000 million people, a new programming produced by Royal Average/Mediapro is born, where it mixes the information in direct, the programs and the soccers match like main menu. (01-02-05)

Tele 5 gains a 96.6% more in the nine first months of the year
Telecinco has reached in the nine first months of this year a number record of net benefit, 140.06 million Euros, that suppose an increase of 96.6% on the gains obtained in the same period of the previous year which they were of 71.26 million.

The deprived chain of Mediaset, that began to quote in stock market in last June, attributes these results to its hearing (leader in the average of January to 30 of September has stayed) and to the management of the Publiespaña concessionaire, that has generated advertizing income gross of 535.98 million Euros, which constitutes an historical number for the period of reference. The chain of Mediaset has closed the first nine months of the year with an average hearing of 22.1%, a point over the registry obtained in the same period of 2003. (31-01-05)

Katar studies to privatize the channel To the Jazeera
The chain has been center of forts critics on the part of the United States, accuses that to encourage it the violence against the American military in Iraq. From its creation in 1996, the station has caught great anywhere in the world Arab popularity with a reputation of being an independent voice in a region where the mass media are mainly under the control of the government.

The American leaders have complained about the cover of the station on the war of Iraq he accuses and to encourage it the violence against the American soldiers in Iraq and Afghanistan. The governments of the region, also, have reacted with indignation by the programs of The Yazira that criticize to the Arab authorities, and have ordered the closing of the offices of their stations in Iraq and other Arab countries.

The newspaper The New York Times said Sunday that the increasing tensions due to the complaints have taken to the government of Katar, a American ally, to accelerate the efforts to privatize to the station.

Some of the operative expenses of The Yazira are financed by the government of Katar, and the own station generates gains of the publicity, contracts of auspice, sales of programs and subscriptions in Europe and North America. (Agencies 31-01-05)

Antenna 3 gains 105 million in 2004, below the forecasts
The television network Antenna 3 gained 105.2 million Euros in 2004, against the losses of 206.5 million registered in the previous exercise. The result is, nevertheless, inferior to the anticipated one by the analysts, who hoped that the group obtained a net benefit of 110 million.

The invoicing of the company has been increasing a 22.2% until being placed in 816,8 million, the higher number of income from the launching of the chain for 15 years.

The result of operation before amortizations (ebitda) also has been below the forecasts of the analysts, when being placed in 223,38 million, a 101.7% more, when 226 million were expected. (27-01-05)

The model of business of Sogecable touches to its aim and frightens the great institutional investors
One finished what one occurred, or at least, that thinks the market. Sogecable was touched in the middle of November, when it reviewed to low his forecasts of subscribers. In which it goes of year, the company multimedia is punished of stock-market Spanish, with a 13% to the loss. The dream of Jesus Polanco to monopolize the market of the pay television and to create an inexhaustible machine to generate benefits, touches to its aim, in agreement with the interpretation of many investors.

The model of Sogecable business, participated by the Group Haste (23%) and Telephone (22.22%), according to data of the CNMV, does not work. By several reasons: the number of subscribers does not take off, its contents do not generate income appellants and the deprived competition (Imagenio and televisions, mainly) strangle the plans of the company multimedia. (More in the Confidential one, 26-01-05)

File of the news per years

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