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Disney Channel follows like leader of the infantile channels
After occupying the first position in the ranking of February and with clear bullish tendency, the infantile channel secures in March a quota of screen of 10.5% of share and raises seven tenth with respect to the previous month

Disney Channel returns to be leader of hearing of the infantile channels and closes the month of March with a 10.5% of quota of screen (seven tenth more than in the month of February), according to the data of TNS, Means Hearing. Thanks to series of quality, like American Dragoon: Jake Long, Kim Possible, Hotel, candy hotel: the adventures of Zack & Cody or Raven, and to the great confidence that Disney Channel has deposited in the cinema, the infantile channel maintains its leadership between children of 4 to 12 years paid to Digital+.

If in the month of Disney Channel February it were able to be placed in the first place in the ranking of the infantile channels more seeing with a 9.8% of share, to the March closing this one channel not only returns to be the favorite by the spectators of the infantile channels, but also that, its quota of screen has been increased in seven tenth with respect to the previous month.

In addition, the set of the channels of the Disney factory has obtained in March a 13.9% of quota of screen. In this way, the sum of Disney Channel with the rest of the Disney channels (Playhouse Disney and Toon Disney) continues maintaining the hearing leadership that already showed in the month of February.

Disney Channel, that began its walking in Spain in 1998, has been characterized from its beginnings to offer a television with clear educative vocation. The four channels that conform the Disney supply (Disney Channel, Disney Channel+1, Playhouse Disney and Toon Disney) propose an alternative of leisure of quality with contents adapted for the infantile hearing. All their programming tries to entertain and, simultaneously, to foment positive values between the children and their families.

(NP, 04/04/06)

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