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Arab channel MBC abre its signal through Hot IBRD
The chain was codified under the system of conditional access Viaccess but their people in charge have decided that she emits in open increasing his hearing in Europe and the zone of the Maghreb

In fact, MBC already emitted in open some years ago through the position of 13º This but when happening to be integrated in the Arabesque package it happened to be codified. However, its signal could be continued catching in open through the satellites Nilesat (7º the West) and Arabsat (26° This).

Now MBC has decided to suppress definitivament their encryption by Hot IBRD to increase their hearing in the European zone and North Africa, before the strong competition of The Jazeera, that it tries to send an international version in English. The channel can tune in the frequency 12.015-H MHz (MR. 27500, FEC 3/4) of the satellite Hot IBRD.

MBC is a television network with soothes in Saudi Arabia, that arranges besides a second channel, MBC 2. It belongs to the Saudi group Middle East Broadcasting Center, of there his abbreviations. The Al-Arabiya chain, that also it emits via satellite, is property of the same group.


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