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Multi-channel absolute leader of the thematic TV in first trimester 2006
Hollywood channel, History, Odyssey, Sun Music and Channel Kitchen have been leaders of hearing in their thematic segment during the first trimester, taking like reference the global calculation of the payment TV

Hollywood channel is the channel more seeing of all the thematic ones with an average of more of a million daily contacts and is in addition, the channel more seen between the cinema channels and entertainment.

As far as the musical channels, Sun Music is absolute leader in its sort and it holds fast with comfort like the musical option preferred by a greater number of users of the pay television, with an average of accumulated hearing of than 900,000 spectators, tripling more the hearing of his immediate competitor.

The same can affirm of Odyssey and Channel of History that continues leading the ranking of documentary channels, both surpass in more than 200,000 daily spectators the equivalent supplies.

On the other hand, Channel Kitchen heads the list of channels of Lifestyle with an average of accumulated hearing of 315,000 daily contacts.

In this trimester the thematic television consolidates its positive tendency and reaches its data record with share of Multi-channel 8.1% and, becomes without a doubt, in one of the main motors.

Multi-channel it is the company leader in the production of thematic channels for the Spanish and Portuguese market. At the moment it produces seven channels (Hollywood Channel, Channel of History, Channel Kitchen, Odyssey, Sun Music, The Biography Chanel and Canal Panda, this last one only for Portugal).

(NP, 05/04/06)

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