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SES Astra subscribes new contract with the French group Canal+
The agreement to that both parts have arrived allows Canal+ France to use a transponder in the orbital position of 19,2º This for the transmission of channels under the high resolution format

Canal+ HD (abbreviations in ingl´s of high resolution) the past sent 30 of March in the Astra satellite, whereas National Geographic HD sends next June 2006 through the digital platform CanalSat.

This new contract reinforces our commercial relation with one of the transmitters of more important pay television of Europe and our main client in France, comments Ferdinand Kayser, President and delegated adviser of SES Astra.

In particular, the group Canal+ France starts up its supply of high resolution, with the set of the programs of Canal+ proposed of high resolution (HD) as of April, for later in documentary June incorporating the chain of National Geographic.

Option HD is available with a tariff of 9 Euros to the month, has needed Guy Lafarge, attached director of Canal+ France. The subscribers will be able to reserve from the 4 of April new terminal MPEG-4 (name of the used method descodificar the signals under a digital format less compressing).

The receiver, denominated Médiasat Max, will be available in the second fortnight of April.

According to Lafarge, about 200,000 terminals made by Philipps and Sagem have been ordered by Canal+. The objective consists of arriving at a flow of production of 4,000 to 5,000 decoders per week as of the second fortnight of the month of April, needed Joseph Guegan, attached chief of a main directorate of technologies and information systems of Canal+. As of June, the platform via satellite of Canal+ France, CanalSat, will also propose to its subscribers the option National Geographic Chanel HD, a new chain reuniting best of the documentary programs of National Geographic in high resolution.

Other thematic chains in HD in the course of 2006 and of 2007 will be sent. With the high resolution, the viewer is going to win in emotion, promised Rodolphe Belmer, chief of a main directorate of Canal+ France, that sets out fidelizar thus to its subscribers.

Besides a sound of better quality, the HD offers adapted images to great screens, much more detailed that conceived in normal resolution as well as one better depth of field. The diffusion of the programs of Canal+ France in HD (sport cinema, events, series of TV) exclusively talks about the satellite, that is, at the moment, according to the group the vector more adapted to the high resolution.


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