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Sweden prohibits to interrupt with announcements the films in television
The chains will need the express authorization the director of films and the producer to put in spot during the emission of the production after a sentence of the Supreme Court of the Scandinavian country

The “Hovrätten”, or Supreme Court, has condemned Swedish chain TV-4 to have violated the author rights, the intellectual property, quality and artistic concept of the films of the directors of cinema Vilgot Sjöman and Claes Erikssson when it interrupted the emission of his films “Alfred” (controversial biography on the creator of the prestigious Nobel prize) and “the shark that knew too much” with advertizing aims.

That sentence, that has been described as “historical”, for being first in his sort, it will serve as precedent so that the televisions cannot put in announcements in the largometrajes that offer if they have not received previously the approval of the producing company and director of the same.

TV-4 will have to pay 1.116.720 crowns (around 113,000 Euros) for coasts of a length and sounded process that has lasted four years. Still the reach of the indemnification is not known that the judge will dictate, although both cinematographic directors already warned that they would yield this money to diverse works of charity, because its objective era to avoid that the artistic values in a society were lost in which reigns without scruples the money.

A great group of lovers of the good cinema had met in the Room number II of the Supreme one, reason why the sentence was received with shouts of joy, applause and tears. The coincidence of which occurs Vilgot Sjöman, that as much energy and efforts dedicated to take this question before the courts and so that the right of the spectators was clear to contemplate a production without a “anticlimax”, or annoying interruptions in the story, died only three days ago and it has not been able to see his triumph.

Claes Eriksson, with tears in the eyes, assured that his good Vilgot friend without a doubt would be celebrating the happened thing in the sky “or where he is”, since they were not hoped to gain the judgment. For Eriksson, this sentence supposes an example for the televisions of all Europe that take advantage good reputation and fame of the creators or of the attraction that exerts some title to secure the coveted commercial income: “Who can continue feeling the spell to be present at a good film or of a dramatic history in television if it must support to several minutes seeing absurd and malísimos announcements”.

The extended custom of the Swedish private televisions to emit publicity as long as it seems to them opportune does not break in himself the Law of Television and Radio proclaimed in 2002. Nevertheless, this failure of the Supreme Court will force the people in charge of the programming of those means to ask for the permission of the creators, producers and directors of the largometrajes if they want to interrupt his productions in the future. A permission on the other hand that will be denied since the Association to them of the Cinema, nothing else to know the sentence, it wrote up a writing in which requests to all those that they yield his rights of author to the different channels that do not forget the clause “will be emitted without interruptions”.

The people in charge of TV-4, that return to declare themselves “astonished” by the sentence, as they did already it in the judgments of first instance, thought that to the margin of the economic side, the question is easy: one is to avoid to only emit the films of which they have written under the mentioned clause that allows to make pauses in its films.


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