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Competition will consider on the fusion of digital platforms in France
The Council of the Competition announces that he will pronounce himself from now until next the 13 of July on the project of fusion of TPS and Canalsat, that would have to be into the hands of Vivendi

The Council explained in an official notice that in the three months that it has of time to emit its opinion will come to a contradictory instruction between the companies implied in the project, but also will interrogate witnesses “susceptible to clarify the rest of the competition”.

Also he will consult to the Council Superior of Audiovisual (CSA) and to the Authority of Regulation of the Electronic Communications and Correos (ARCEP) on the subjects that are incumbent on to them.

The project of fusion of TPS (filial of the groups of television TF1 and M6) and of Canalsat (filial of Canal Plus) anticipates the creation of a new set baptized temporarily Canal+ France.

In agreement with the presented/displayed scheme, it will be controlled in a 65% by Canal Plus, a 20% by Lagardere, a 9.9% by TF1 and a 5.1% by M6.

The president of Vivendi (first house of Canal Plus), Jean-Bernard Lévy, defended the fusion and assures that “the consumer will be the great winner. He will have the totality of the supply with a single installment”.

Although it did not want to enter the question if it increases the price of the installment by the concentration - “it is too much soon for saying it” -, Lévy explained that “the fusion of the two platforms is going to allow to realize savings in the promotion costs and the consumer will benefit directly”.

The president of Vivendi indicated that if the television by satellite is by the coexistence of the two platforms.

(Agencies, 18/04/06)

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