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Ministerial order that regulates the adaptation to the TDT
A ministerial order will regulate the technical processes of adaptation of the collective antennas to receive the signal of terrestrial digital technology, massive activities that prehorseradish tree before the “analogical blackout”

The norm, published in the BOE of the past 13 of April, on the one hand forces the proprietors of the facilities to contract quartering companies of telecommunications accredited by the SETSI for the accomplishment of these adaptations, and on the other, it forces the companies to give so much to the property as to the Provincial Headquarters of Inspection of Telecommunications, a Bulletin of Installation of Telecommunications and a Test certificate that the realized intervention reflects.

Its purpose is to give guarantee to the consumer before future claims, before the appearance of some installers “pirate”, according to it explains FENITEL, and to control in addition the rate that follows the adaptation process. In addition, it is anticipated to incorporate to these documents, to make agile his proceeding, the use of the electronic company/signature for his procedure Telematics --by Internet-- with the Administration.

The rate of maximum adaptation is of 1,000 daily communities in all Spain, according to the association, that Integra to more than 1,200 companies in all Spain.

(EP, 19/04/06)

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