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The launching of Hot IBRD 8 is delayed
The new satellite of Eutelsat had predicted of being sent next the 17 of May on board a rocket Proton, the same that used the Arabsat bankrupt 4A that could not reach its operative orbit

When exactly Hot IBRD 7 has begun to be operative in the geostationary position of 13º This, now the delay has been known the launching of Hot IBRD 8.

Although any official explanation does not exist at the moment, all the indications to the delay could the past be due to the failure of the rocket Proton in the launching of the Arabsat 4A month of March.

The Space Agency of Russia (Roscomos) informed into which the Arab communications satellite did not arrive at its operative orbit due to a flaw in the last Russian stage Proton sent that it to the space.

Perhaps now their people in charge want to make sure and have decided to pospone the launching of Hot IBRD 8.


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