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France Télécom will send to its service of TV by high resolution ADSL in June
The operator will send next the 1 of June is supply in collaboration with the platform TPS, that is controlled by the chains TF1 and M6 in phase of fusion with CanalSat de Vivendi Universal

That launching will take place right one week before the Glass of the World of Soccer, considered like the baptism of the high resolution television.

This supply will be object of a promotional tariff, needs the operator in an official notice, in which it assures that he will be “the first operator of the world that will offer the digital television by high resolution ADSL”. The installment of TPS by ADSL can at the moment be acquired from 19.90 Euros to the month.

With 8.1 million clients in ADSL until 31 March in Europe, France Télécom is the second provider of access to Internet of high resolution in the world, after China Telecom. In France, the operator says to count with 4.9 million subscribers to ADSL at the end of March, of which 2.1 million users have the triple modem “play” (Internet, TV, telephony) and 229,000 are clients of their supply of television by ADSL.

In addition, France Télécom announced a invoicing of 12,813 million Euros in the first trimester of the year, the 10.3 percent but with respect to the same period of 2005, by the favorable effect of the types of change and by the purchase of the Pleasant Spanish. To comparable data, it increased of his volume of businesses in the three first months of the year rises to a 2.2 percent, maintained by it increased of movable services and the development of his services ADSL. The operational gross margin rose to 4,671 million Euros, which supposes an increase of 6.7%.

On the contrary, France Télécom announced one slight erosion of its operative margin, that settled down in the 36.5 percent, against the 37.2 percent of the first trimester of 2005 in comparable. That receso had to the increase of the commercial expenses in a 9 percent, needed the French historical operator.

(Agencies, 27/04/06)

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