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Deutsche Telekom will not buy the chain of Premiere payment
Operator Deutsche Telekom will sign an agreement of association with Premiere for the diffusion of the parties of the championship of German soccer, but he will not enter the capital of the payment chain

Both groups have not signed still, but they have been agreed on the great lines of a cooperation, explained the German economic newspaper, that mentions sources next to the negotiations.

Premiere will have to produce the programs of soccer of Deutsche Telekom in Internet. In counterpart, the payment chain will have right to propose to its clients the supply of soccer of the telephone operator.

Contrary to the rumors that circulated in the market of Frankfurt, Deutsche Telekom will not enter the capital of Premiere. Both groups had examined this hypothesis, but they discarded finally it.

Premiere obtains therefore an access to the Bundesliga, the championship of German professional soccer, del that were lost the rights by seasons 2006-2009, in front of the cable operator Sand, branch of Average Unity.

Deutsche Telekom on the other hand had obtained the rights for the broadcasting in Internet through its T-Online branch.

The agreement will allow Deutsche Telekom to propose to its clients denominated supplies “triple play”, that is to say combining Internet, the telephone and the television. Of this form it exerts pressure on the cable operators who already offer this solution in Germany.

From the technical point of view, the form continues being confused in which the clients of Premiere will have access to the supply of broadcasting of Deutsche Telekom, emphasized Financial Times Deutschland. In the first times a minority of public will be able to benefit from these services.


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