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Private Spice, new name of until now the Spice Platinum
The channel for adults, with subscribers in more than fifteen European countries as much through satellite as in mesh wirings, changes of magen and name to happen to be called Private Spice

Been born in 2001, Spice Platinum quickly became one of the networks for looked for adults more and of greater growth, today with subscribers in more than 15 countries. Private Spice emits so much by cable as by satellite (with technology direct-to-home, DTH) for subscribers of all Europe.

The first emissions del that was Spice Platinum served to conform a grill to European taste. The effort was dedicated to secure the quality degree that Playboy the International requires to a signal premium.

Private Spice is a signal specifically produced for its distribution like payment by vision.

In Spain the supply of this channel for adults cannot be engaged through the cable operators and platforms of satellite, the opposite of other European countries where Spice Platinum is integrated like a complementary option.

In Europe, Private Spice emits through six satellites.


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