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AXN, absolute leader of the TV of payment in the month of March
AXN is elevated, for fifth consecutive month, as leader of the thematic channels as much altogether day as in Time in totalized results prevails, that is to say, adding the spectators of Digital+ and cable

According to the TNS data, Means Hearing, in the strip of Total Day, AXN is placed in March like the absolute leader of the pay television, with a 4 percent more of average hearing than the following channel of the ranking. In Time prevails obtains a 27% more of spectators of average hearing that its immediate competitor.

The success of the channel must to the combination of openings in first fruit of the series with more national and international prestige and to a well-taken care of selection of the most commercial cinema.

The opening of the new season of “CSI New York”, the emission of a special episode in 3 D of “Medium” the past day of 20 March or the special one of cinema of M. Night Shyamalan, with the emission of titles like “the Prote'ge' and Signals”, have been some of the keys of the success of the channel in this month.

All this has contributed to reinforce the leadership of AXN, turning it into one of the essential options definitively for which they look for a programming of quality.


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