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MTV Spain releases new programming
The musical channel confronts a new loaded stage of new features in its programming decorated with the provocative, irreverent language and transgressor whom his public looks for

MTV Spain confronts a new loaded stage of new features, innovating, best music, events with stars of national and international the panorama, interesting formats special with the last tendencies… everything with the provocative, irreverent and trasgresor language that his public looks for.

MTV Spain creates tendencies in the musical world, goes a step ahead to offer to its public which takes in all the sorts, adapting to the transformation of the last years as far as formats and pleasures. But, in addition, faithful to his philosophy, the channel is MUSIC accompanied by the best entertainment.

Keys of the new programming

The new programming of MTV Spain offers a grill structured in very clear thematic strips that they facilitate to the public the access to the contents and reflect the fusion of best music along with entertainment:

All the music, for all the pleasures

MTV is synonymous of music. The hearing of the channel will find in its new programming the artist, the song or the musical style who interest to them more. MTV Spain already renews the image of its classic lists of successes to see and to listen to the best Spanish subjects and of the rest of the planet. The videos better classified are in: “Spain Top 20”, “Downloads Top 20”, “UK Top 20”, “MTV 20 Top” and “Top 10 to 10”.

The noctámbulos, sleepless and hyperactive will find in the nights of MTV Spain their preferred musical style between the different programs that the channel offers: “MTV Bases”, “MTV Dances”, “2 MTV Rock”, “MTV” and “MTV Flow”.

MTV 2 offers the best thing of the best thing to international level of alternative music, MTV Base best music R&B, MTV Rock the international successes rock, MTV Dances the music of more international dance and MTV Flow best of the Rap and the Hip-Hop.

The channel will continue offering to its public exclusively videos every week and exclusive access events and artists who no other channel offers and the most recent musical new features of outstanding Spanish and international artists, so that their spectators are first in knowing the last tendencies.

The most irreverent series and breakers

MTV Spain brings the series more breakers than they will give that to speak by its disrespect and audacity. In the “Show of Andy Milonakis” an inoffensive and apparently innocent adolescent leads with his particular vision a program that mixes the sense of the humor of its protagonist with scenes that clear the surrealismo. With a sense of the humor that almost gives filmed fear and with hidden cameras, Andy invites it wishes which it to know his life through his show.

“The House of the Drawings”, first reality Brother “Great” style with drawings. One is a series that discovers what it happens when animated personages mix themselves under the same ceiling different based on authentic recognizable icons from the animation something distorted, like a superhero of doubtful moral, a young innocent princess in the style of classic stories, an animated star of the Twenties in black and white old-fashioned regordeta and or an Asian being who remember the present idols of Japanese animation. The eight stars of this series are princess Clara, Puerquisimo pig, Capitanazo, Morocha Amorocha, Lulu D'Cartón, Xander, Ling Ling and Mueble O'Algo. With his different styles and personalities they will create alliances and conflicts, as a parodia of shows that can be seen habitually in the television. As it happens in this type of programs it will not lack the controversy, the fights or the approaches and loving mix-ups of the inhabitants of the house.

Shows like “the Great Brother” in animation is a satire to reality. It has the emotion of culebrón, the show of the realities and the fantasy of the animation, all together one, in a formula conceived like surrealistic entertainment

Telerrealidad and entertainment with the MTV seal

The new season of MTV Spain also offers the most original programs of telerrealidad with the unmistakable style of the channel. Thus, “Motormouth” is a new program of hidden camera that crosses the EE.UU to the hunting of the most singsong conductors. Only in the end the winner discovers that he has been recorded and who its action has been seen by all the hearing.

After “Fabulous Life” All arrives “Access”, an invitation with which the spectators will be able to accede to the best celebrations, the red carpets more glamourosas and, really, at the best and worse moments of the world of the spectacle.

The crudest reality brings “Made”, where each program has like protagonist a candidate who decides to change some aspect of his life and to fulfill his dream. To become star of rock, snowboarder, an ace of soccer… any objective is possible and MTV is close for showing to the emotions, joys and disappointments lived in each case.

Great musical events

MTV Spain bets, a year more, by great events that will surprise all the public and who reflect the ample experience of the channel in the organization of this type of multitudinal and impressive acts. Events very hoped that they are going to offer to the young people diversion, originality and humor, by all means, to the rate of best music. The single access of the channel to great great national and international stars allows him to offer this year events that will appear next.

(NP, 05/04/06)

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