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Sixth it assures legal endorsement to emit the World-wide one
The new private chain asks the spectators who prepare their homes for the reception of the signal of the fast channel to avoid collapses of which Sixth he will not take responsibility

The adviser delegated of Sixth, Jose Miguel Contreras, assured that the chain is absolutely calm on the fulfillment of the legality to emit sport events of general interest, and remembered that any person in Spain that wants to see the World-wide one of soccer of Germany, whose rights are property of Sixth, will be able to free do it or by means of analogical system or in TDT. For it, she asked the spectators who prepare their homes fast to avoid collapses of which the chain will not take responsibility.

The options for the citizens are two, according to explained: the Terrestrial Digital Television (TDT), where the territorial cover of the chain is absolute, and the analogical television, matter in which wanted to emphasize some data. According to it needed Contreras, the cover anticipated for Sixth in the concession guaranteed a minimum of 70% of the Spanish population, number that, after the studies of the company in charge to transport the signal, Abertis Telecom, already has been extended until 82%: only a 10% less than the rest of deprived televisions, because the total cover does not exist and it does not have the TVE either, assured.

In addition, it remembered that to the spectators they have left the option to subscribe to technologies of payment, cable or television on ADSL. The cover in analogical that we are going to have during the World-wide one not knows nobody, in that Abertis is working, and we only can offer our effort in adapting the antennas of the buildings of the possible fastest way and in addition gratuitous, he indicated Contreras.

The rate of adaptations done by the own technicians of the chain follows a rate of more than 500 daily buildings, according to its data, adaptation that consists of installing in the collective antenna a small amplifier, since it took control at the time of the sprouting of the rest of private televisions. In the next weeks, fifteen cities will receive the signal of the chain more, among them, Bilbao, Seville, Saragossa, Murcia, Las Palmas and Tenerife.

Contreras also aimed that the own neighbor communities can carry out the antenización, with a cost of 100 Euros for all the community, less than thousand pesetas by house, explained. There has been no a single television in the world that it has not had to antenizar, the unique problem it is the term, it recognized. In this sense, the chief of a main directorate of Sixth, Juan Ruiz de Gauna, asked the spectators a proactive attitude that avoids collapses in the installers.

This attitude proactive of users implies so much to activities for adaptation to TDT, something that everybody goes to have to do sooner or later added Ruiz de Gauna, as in the case of the antenización in analogical system for the zones where there is cover, that in the week that comes will reach to 40% of the Spaniards, according to data of the chain.

Risk of collapses

Otherwise, collapses will take place of which the chain is not going away to make responsible, noticed Contreras, that it compared the situation with the one to stop buying entrances or the Christmas presents for the last moment, and then you remain without them. We cannot force to that people buy a house, one tele, prepare their antenna and push the button, defended the adviser delegated of Sixth.

As far as aspect legal, Contreras used legislation European, that guaranteed its supply before the FIFA, by which taxativamante it is prohibited to discriminate between analogical and digital systems, the call “principle of technological neutrality”. And in TDT we have the maximum possible cover, reason why there is nothing no to debate we have bought, it, is legal we are going and to emit, affirmed it the delegated adviser.

In any case, it showed his surprise so that one sees like normal that one of both soccer match that disputes in League Barcelona and Real Madrid is seen not only in payment system, but in format of payment by vision, and that for example, the Villareal classified for the semifinals of Liga de Campeones for the first time in its history, in codified. For this reason, it assured that the pressures that only exist against the chain can be interested, because the law is fulfilled strictly.

A 1% of hearing, objective for 2006

On the future of the chain once surpassed the World-wide one of soccer, Contreras it reviewed matters like the objective of hearings waited for the end of the year, that the fixed chain in 1%. In his opinion, the data that at the moment Sofres handles are not representative, because the cover is extended daily, and remembered that 3 Antenna and Telecinco did not begin to measure hearings until a year after their launching.

In this phase of low hearings, the chain has received according to its delegated adviser, all the support of the advertisers, by its own interest, because they see that therefore the advertizing market is abre. We have its commitment of which they are going to us to support, because it interests to them that a project works that ends the absurd situation of which before there were more advertisers than space and the private chains raised their tariffs when it gave the desire them, explained.

In this sense, it said that what sells the advertisers is a future project, because in the future scene of the television will gain the one that sells better products, and Sixth it knows to make good products. On the relation of Globomedia (shareholder of Sixth) with the rest of operators, the president of Sixth, Emilio Aragon, were convinced that he will standardize himself when passes the measles of the first moments.

If they do not want to us to buy products we cannot do nothing, but I am sure that in the future the good contents they will be most important, said Aragon.

All the parties of Spain and Brazil

The cover of the World-wide one of Sixth includes in first stage all the encounter of general interest: the inaugural one, and all the of the Spanish selection, as well as those that the Brazilian selection plays. The chain looks for narrator and commentators for the encounter, between which already it drills a list, and prepares to more of a hundred of professionals moving to Germany. At the moment, it has not either announced the appointment of director of sports, who will become public around the week that he comes.

We prepare a different form to count soccer, are going to try to make things new and we are already working in it, pointed the delegated adviser, who revealed the exact amount that paid by the acquisition of the rights: 90 million Euros. In addition, the chain studies the purchase of the rights of the World-wide one of Basketball, that also is disputed in August in Japan.

(EP, 05/04/06)

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