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Arianespace will place in orbit the Japanese satellite Superbird-7
An Ariane-5 rocket that will be sent in the first trimester of 2008 from the space European base in Kurú, in the French Guayana, will order of the putting into orbit of this new satellite

The European partnership Arianespace announced that it will place in orbit the commercial satellite Japanese Superbird-7, that Corporation will construct to the Japanese company Mitsubishi Electric by order of operator Space Communications (SCC).

The Superbird-7 - seventh satellite of SCC that is going to place in Arianespace- orbit will offer services of movable telephony, of television by cable and connections of Direct Television for all the Asia-Pacific region.

The satellite, with a mass of 5,000 kilograms when taking off, will be placed in a geostationary orbit to 144 degrees of east longitude and will be equipped with 28 repeaters of Ku band.

SCC has ordered the manufacture of this satellite to the Japanese group Mitsubishi Electric, will assemble that it in its facilities of Kamakura, indicated Arianespace.

Number 270 is the contract obtained by the European partnership from its secured creation in 1980 and twenty third in Japan.


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