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Aragon TV starts with 8 hours of programming
The autonomic TV of Aragon initiates of official way its ordinary programming with eight hours of emission that progressively it will extend until completing the 24 hours of the day within a month

Thus they explained in the presentation of the programming the chief of a main directorate of the Aragonese Corporation of Radio and Televisión (CARTV), Jesus Lopez Head, and the director of Aragon Television, Pepe Quílez.

The emissions, that will begin with eight hours during about ten days to complete the programming until the 24 hours in a month, will start in coincidence with the week of celebration of the 23 of April, day of San Jorge, landlord of Aragon.

The programming, needed Quílez, will begin to the 16:00 hours with cinema, that will give to passage from the 18:00 hours to the 19:30 to Abierto the Aragon space in and, next, until the 20:30 hours, will emit a series. Abierto Aragon in, that the journalist will lead Ana Ainsa, will be a space of the present time very stuck to the territory and at human histories who counts on “very powerful” a technical infrastructure to be every day in diverse points of the Community, it pointed Quílez.

To the 20:30 Aragon will be emitted the News, an informative one that it will last approximately 45 minutes; to the 21:15 another series and the 22:00 hours a film without you commercial break, that will close the programming of the day. Once completed the programming, Aragon the News, with Samuel Barraguer like news head, will have three editions and will have eight presenters and two meteorologists.

The hour strip will extend until the 01:30 hours, approximately, Saturdays and Sundays by the emission of sport programs. Saturdays a party of Liga de Fútbol of First Division, preceded of the Direct program will be transmitted Soccer, that presented/displayed by Catalan Vicente will begin to the 21:15 hours after informative and to which will follow, of 00:00 to 01:30 hours, the emission of a film. Sundays, to the 21:10 and after the informative one, the program will be emitted the Day, an exhaustive summary of all the occurred one in the sport scope of the Community during the weekend, that will last 90 minutes.

Aragon Television has an index of cover of more of 95% of the population and will arrive at 97.4% in September, with high percentage of tuning.


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