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Sent to the Astra satellite 1KR successfully
The satellite is sent to the space to provide the communications 1,600 television channels and radio to 107 million European homes in the geostationary position of 19,2º This

The date of Beginning of Servicio (OSD) for the Astra 1KR is predicted for the 18 of June. The president in Spain de Ses Astra, Luis Sanchez has indicated that this one is a commitment of the European Society of Satélites (SES) with “the Spanish and Latin American” market that will generate “great opportunities” like center of commercialization of space capacity for both. Mer it he has assured that the consolidation of the satellite is oriented to create and to optimize economies of scale to world-wide level, since the satellites “are not an exception with respect to the industrial globalisation”.

Astra satellites

The Astra 1KR, that is the 13 European satellite of SES Astra, of Global group SES, will provide services of direct coupled receiving to the homes in all Europe. This satellite will replace the Astra 1B and the Astra 1C by maintenance questions, to guarantee and to improve the service, and will be the eighth satellite located in the orbital position of Astra 19,2º This.

This satellite is equipped with 32 active transponders, that will be reduced once to 28 passed the first five years, since the aging of the solar paddles, due to the space surroundings, takes a normal reduction of power generation capacity. The considered life of the Astra 1KR is of 15 years, although SES Astra assures that the life of the prepulsor, that is to say the fuel, is of almost 17 years.

The module that Integra the electronics of the satellite has been constructed in Pennsylvania, the rest in Mississippi, and integrated by Commercial Lockheed Martin Sapce Services (LMCSS) in California, during a period of 32 months. According to the president in Spain of SES Astra, the approximated total cost of the satellite, including the insurance and the shuttle, has been of 300 million Euros, that totally are assured.

Global SES oriented their transmissions to Spain in 1997 of the hand of main Sogecable client of this company, that sent to the first digital platform in this country as well as the access to Internet and Broadband. According to Mer it, SES has promoted for 75% of Spanish homes the digital reception.


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