Digital+ sends a countermeasure against the pirate terminals
The aim of the vacations of Passover agrees with the beginning of the activities of Digital+ to restrain the piracy in its platform with mediads that affect to the considered receivers pirates

The game of the cat and the mouse between Digital+ and the people whom their emissions see illegally have taken a new step. Digital+ has sent a countermeasure that during several weeks is had been developing with the update of some versions of present cards of subscriber. With this counterattack no longer it is possible to obtain the Keys or keys of present cards what does impossible to see the emissions of the platform of fraudulent form.

For weeks it was rumored that the price and inclusion World-wide in Digital+ high that have paid for that reason would force a rapid action to cut you practice with them illegal that would allow to see the world-wide one of Germany free of charge. This seems to be the probable cause but of the selection of these dates. Peculiarly other years the countermeasures were located in the right time before Barça-Madrid parties by Ticket office.

During the last months the new possibility has run like the powder of being able “to piratear the emissions of Digital+”, but to day of today “the faucet has been closed”.


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