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Hispasat multiplied by four its benefit in 2005, up to 9.84 million
The president of the Spanish company assures that this good year has been obtained thanks to refocuses that it has occurred to the company, to the diversification of the businesses and the containment of expenses

Almost the 10 million Euros suppose to multiply by 4.4 the result of the previous exercise. Petra Mateos, president of Hispasat, remembered that “2005 appeared like a difficult year since we had sent the Amazon satellite and we had to achieve the success in its commercialization”.

The president assures that to end of December of 2005 the index of occupation of this I devise that it is designed specifically for the Latin American market “is of 66% and in May will be able to surpass 80%”.

Hispasat assures that the good results have been obtained thanks to the “given impulse to the process of commercialization of the new Amazon satellite, that has allowed Hispasat to burst in successfully into markets different from the traditional ones, while it has facilitated the pick up of strategic clients”.

The society of satellites entered year 99.69 million the past, of which a 96.5% corresponded to renting of space capacity.

Hispasat realized operative expenses by 29.76 million, a 4.75% less than the budgeted thing, whereas the gross result of operation (ebitda) was of 69.93 million, a 19.54% more than in 2004. The indebtedness of the group was reduced in 2005 in 64,5 million Euros.

Petra Mateos stood out that the one of the keys of the development of the company year past has been based on the good relations that Hispasat has with its partners and clients in Latin America, Telefónica and Telemar.

(CincoDías, 21/04/06)

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