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The satellites of the Arabsat fleet change of name and happen to be called BADR
The Arabsat satellites 2C, 2D and 3A copositioned in the geostationary orbit of 26º This, are red-baptize under the names of BADR-C, BADR-2 and BADR-3 respectively

The Arabsat company at present has four operative satellites in the orbital positions of 26º and 30,5º This. Another denominated satellite of fourth generation is predicted that it is sent to the space during the last months of year 2006.

Its beam of cover is destined to basically cover the commercial market with the zone of the Middle East, part of Africa and the south of Europe, being in this last necessary case satellite dishes of a greater diameter.

The name change of the Arabsat 2C to the BADR-C obeys basically by the fact that the transponders that use correspond to frequencies fitted in C band.

The Arabsat 4A was sent to the space at beginnings of the month of March but it had to be destroyed when not being able to reach his predicted operative orbit, apparently by the failure of the Russian rocket Proton in his launching of the Arabsat 4A.


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