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Antenna 3 gained a 10.7% more in the first trimester
The Group Antenna 3 improved its benefits with respect to the same period of the previous year, until the 248.9 million Euros, after obtaining an improvement of its advertizing income of 10.3%

Of the total of the benefits, 220.4 correspond to their televising business, and that obtained a margin of the Ebitda of 36.6%, although the group emphasizes its control of global costs, with a 2.6% of growth for all the group, the majority, explain, due to integration in the Group of Unipublic.

The chain suffered as soon as an elevation of its costs of the 3.3 percent in the first balance that includes new channels of Terrestrial Digital Television both (TDT), Antena.Neox and Antena.Nova. The costs detach in a reduction in the expenses of programming and rights of author (2.1 and 2.9 respectively) and the increase of the personnel costs of a 13.8%.

As far as the radio business, the gains improved a 3.6 percent, until the 23.8 million Euros, with a margin of benefit on Ebitda of 21.4%. Movierecord, company dedicated to the operation of publicity in rooms of cinema contributed 3.8 million Euros, and sport the operating company of event Unipublic added other 1.2 million Euros.

(Agencies, 27/04/06)

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