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The Sixth and Canal+ presents/displays their programming for the World-wide one
Of the 64 parties, Canal+ will offer 28 in direct exclusively and: 21 corresponding ones to first stage and 7 of second, whereas the rest is offered by Sixth

Alex Martinez Roig, director of Contents of pay television of Sogecable, next to the equipment of Sports of the televising platform Digital+, today presented/displayed the special programming on the occasion of the World-wide one of Germany, in which he emphasizes the emission of the 64 parties of the match through Canal+ and Sixth.

In addition, during the month of Canal+ May he will emit a special programming related to the World-wide one, composed by a series of documentary.

One is dedicated to the Brazilian selection and in him they pick up the privacy of the players in clothes; another one concentrates in Ronaldinho, and also a titled series will be offered More than soccer than, produced by the BBC, remembers the most complete history of the world-wide ones and analyzes to the selections of Brazil, England, Germany, Italy and Argentina.

Directed and presented/displayed by Michael Robinson and Nacho Aranda and like support to the information on the World-wide one, in June, when it is closely together his beginning, this anticipating that Canal+ includes three daily informative spaces, to the 14:00 hours, 20:00 h and 23:00 h, with bulletins and the news.

And from Friday 9 of June to Sunday 9 of July the television network will destine one of its channels to issue during the twenty-four hours information on the World-wide one, with bulletins, news articles, documentary, interviews with reactions and declarations of the protagonists.


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