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Arianespace will send two satellites for Intelsat
The European partnership announces the company/signature of two contracts to send and to place in orbit two satellites for operator Intelsat in the third trimester of 2007, the Intelsat-11 and Horizons-2, of Horizons Satellite, the society that Intelsat has with JSAT

Those two satellites, constructed by Orbital Sciences Corporation, will be taken to their respective geostationary orbits by an Ariane-5 rocket from the European space base of Kurú, in the French Guayana.

Of 2.5 tons, Intelsat-11 will provide services of television in direct and data transmission for all Latin America.

With a mass of 2,350 kilos, Horizons-2 will be equipped with twenty repeaters of high power in Ku band and an electric power of 3.5 kilowatts, which will allow to provide to digital video and television him of high resolution for the United States, the Caribbean and a part of Canada.


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