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France 24, the Cnn to the French, releases its emissions in Arab
The French television network of continuous information France 24, the past created 6 of English and French December in, releases this 2 of April its service in Arab, language in which every day will have four hours of emissions

Created by express desire of the present French president, Jacques Chirac, to contribute “a French glance” to the world, the new chain concurs in international the audio-visual market with the American Cnn, Briton BBC World or the Arab To the Jazeera.

To the introduction of this third language in France 24, that will be able to be followed from the four of afternoon eight, he will continue the Spanish the next year or in 2009.

The attached director of the writing and person in charge of the contents in Arab, Agnès Levallois, needed that, according to the countries, the programming in Arab will be surrounded by English-speaker or French-speaker beaches.

The potential public to whom he goes in Arab finds in the countries of the Maghreb and the Middle East.

He calculates that about 20 million homes, equipped with cable or satellite, will be able to receive the new programming, for which a twenty of journalists of eight nationalities works in soothes of the channel, in the outskirts of Paris.

Like in English and French, France 24 will half an hour have informative in Arab of ten minutes each, with its corresponding weather forecast in the end, as well as debates and special programs of economy, culture and sports.

Levallois indicated that the collaborator network is in preparation, in order to be able to respond to the present time from all the continents in the three languages.

In order to prepare the launching of his third language, the president of the chain, Alain de Pouzilhac, and Levallois traveled to Algeria, Arab Morocco, Egypt and Emirates, where they were “surprised” by the great interest that provoked the idea to see France 24 in Arab.

The people in charge of this French television already emphasized on the occasion of their launching their desire to conquer, in particular, to a public trained by “leaders of opinion in the world”.

Those, indicated, “that they win more than 100,000 Euros to the year, but also the new leaders who use much the new technologies and who do not reach necessarily the same level”.


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