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NBC Universal will increase its television channels outside the USA
NBC Universal glides to send 20 television channels in Europe, Asia and Latin America in a movement for, like minimum, to double its televising benefits outside the United States in next the two or three years

NBC said that the existing channels, like Sci-Fi and Calle 13 - present already in Spain, they will begin to emit itself in new markets including Portugal, Hungary, Russia and India to duplicate I number of local channels up to 32 and to reach 58 countries.

This initiative follows a recent commitment of the delegated adviser of the company Jeff Zucker to make of the global expansion a priority, along with the new programming and digital initiatives.

“We promised that the international growth would be one of the key areas in which we would concentrate and this first step emphasizes the determination to extend our business anywhere in the world”, Zucker in an official notice said.

NBC Universal, that the past year had benefits outside the United States of almost 3,000 million dollars (2,245 million Euros), is property of General Electric (80%) and Vivendi (20% rest). The company owns the television network NBC and the movie studies Universal along with other thematic channels and parks.


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