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More than 8 million of Italian they at some time see the TV by satellite of the day
Of this number, a little more 2 million spectators, with a 8.4% of share, are concentrated in the hour emission of prioritizes Time, according to a study of hearing of realized Auditel the 4 of April

The great acceptance that it is having between Italian the supply of the digital platform Sky, with more than four million subscribers, is without doubt the great creator of the hearings of the television via satellite.

Detailing in detail these data, Auditel assures that 11.1% of the hearing of the television via satellite in Italy concentrate in the strip of age 15-54 years, whereas 18.6% correspond to the sector of considered spectators of upper class economic partner.

With respect to the infantile public, 29.5% of the children of ages between the 4 and 14 years the television by satellite sees an average of 9 hour and a half.


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