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The German channel Deutsche Welle is relaunched in America
The German international television, DW-TV, will begin to emit from Monday 16 of April a programming extended and regionalized for North America and Latin America

Between the new features famous programs of ARD and ZDF are counted, the German public television of national diffusion, fruit in the agreement reached on the matter between Deutsche Welle and the channels public ARD and ZDF (Zweiten Deutschen Femesehen).

The viewers of “DW-TB the USA” and “DW-TV Lateinamerika” will be able to see, among others, the programs of political social gathering of Sabine Christiansen and Maybritt Llier, as well as Menschan EIB Maischberger, Johannes B. Kemer and Beckmann. On the other hand, the satirical presenter and leader of hearing in Germany, Harald Schmidt, will be able to increase his number of followers through DW-TV.

German international television will offer in its new grill of programming magazine Pretty ML Lisa, with subjects mainly related to the women. Bilderbuch Deustchland presents/displays in each chapter a region or German city, whereas 37 Grad counts the history of people who live extraordinary situations. The extension of the programming in German also entails the emission of more infantile programs.

During the weekend, DW-TV will emit Siebenstein and Wissen macht Ahl, that they entertain and simultaneously they offer interesting didactic content. Also, new series of documentary will be able to be seen.

Erik Bettermann, chief of a main directorate of Deutsche Welle, affirms: “After the extension of the supply of programming of DW-TV Arabia; that one started up the 2 of April, not only we give a step forward concerning regionalisation, but also that it cheers to me especially to be able to incorporate for the first time a considerable number of programs attractive and nearer the taste of our hearing coming from the varied televising supply of ARD and ZDF.

In fact, both things, as much the regionalisation strategy as the extension of the collaboration with ARD and ZDF, are fundamental aspects of our Plan of Work for 2007-2010”. Bettermann announced that as planned, regionalisation will be seen again extended in November of 2007. By then, and with a total of seven strips of programming, the viewers of Asia also could benefit from a differentiated televising supply at continental level.

According to words of Betermann. “Like mediatic company that operates in transnational scale we must intensify the regionalisation of our supply as far as contents, languages and technology to be successful in the market. With the programming of TV in Arab. Deutsche Welle has demonstrated the brilliant that can be this strategy”.


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