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Discovery will start up an ecological channel in the 2008
The initiative of a television channel dedicated entirely to ecological contents and a style of green life is included in a project ampler than it contemplates in addition the development to other interactive elements

Proyectoe contemplates in addition to the development to other interactive elements and an investment of fifty million dollars to create contents related to the maintained development, the related conservation of the environment and other subjects.

David Zaslav, delegated adviser of the company, stood out that the objective of that ambitious project is to take advantage of the credibility that has Discovery to become “the amplest and reliable resource” for the preservation and protection of the planet Earth.

The company, that counts on Discovery Channel, Travel Chanel, Animal Planet and Discovery Health, among others active, will use the present channel Discovery Home Chanel for its new ecological proposal it will change and it of name, although its future denomination has not been specified still.

It will be the first channel in the United States with a programming of twenty-four hours dedicated to environmental subjects and one form of ecological life, and esteem that will reach about fifty million homes of the country in its debut.

The new televising supply will include entertainment spaces, news and of spreading, among others.

Discovery sets out to develop in addition to a special series for denominated television “Ten ways to save the planet”, that will begin to emit itself in the autumn of the next year and in which it will be to find solutions to some of the problems more pressing than it confronts the planet.

Discovery Communications is property of Discovery Group and Cox Communications, Advance/Newhouse Communications and John Hendricks, founder and president of Discovery.

It manages more of a hundred of television channels and other average digitalizes, with which esteem that reaches a hearing of more than thousand 500 million receivers in more than 170 countries, according to data of the company.


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