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Arianespace will send the Australian satellite Optus D3
The European partnership of Arianespace rockets announces that it has obtained the contract for the launching of the Australian satellite of telecommunications Optus D3, that must be carried out in 2009

Optus D3, that will offer during 15 years services of direct television, of connection of Internet, telephony and data transmission for an area that will cover Australia and New Zealand, will be sent by an European rocket Ariane or a Soyuz Russian, that in any case will take off of the base of Arianespace in the French Guayana.

The European partnership emphasized that one will be the fifth satellite for the Australian operator, after the four that already had ordered the first house to him SingTel.

The series had begun in 1987 with Aussat 3 in 1987 and followed with ST-1 in 1998, Optus & Defense C1 in 2003 and Optus D1 in October of the past year. To them the Optus D2 from now until end of this year must be added.

The Optus D3 will construct to the American manufacturer Orbital Sciences Corporation to it in its plant of Dulles, in the state of Virginia, from a Star-2 platform.

The satellite, that will have a mass to the takeoff of about 2,500 kilos, must be placed in a geostationary orbit (on the line of Ecuador) to 156º This.

The one of the Optus D3 is number 285 secured by Arianespace from its constitution in March of 1980. The partnership must in portfolio pending to send 41 satellites.


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