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The TPS subscribers can already realize the migration to CanalSat
Those that wishes therefore it and does not want to wait for when CanalSat carries out the change can request it by telephone although the reorientation of the satellite dish will be the responsibility of the own subscribers

When the absorption of TPS on the part of CanalSat became serious, this one last one already warned that the operation of reorintar the antennas from 13º This of Eutelsat Hot IBRD to 19,2º This of Astra would be developed for a long period like minimum of 18 months. The operation, in particular, affects 1.300.000 subscribers and the cost of the technical service to reorient the antenna will be gratuitous.

For reasons of limited satellite capacity on the satellite Eutelsat Hot IBRD (13º This), the TPS subscribers will have access to the new supply of previous CanalSat migration towards the Astra satellite, positioned in 19,2º This. This migration is not going to begin until the next month of September.

Despite and for those impatient subscribers of TPS that do not want to wait for the autumn they can make the migration already. The unique problem is in which the cost of the reorientation of will sufragararán it to the antenna of their pockets.

For that they wish to wait for September, Canal+ France will be put in contact with the TPS subscribers to determine an appointment and a technician will reorient the satellite dish towards the Astra satellite. Without changing the decoder, but with a new card of conditional access, they will have thus access to the new CanalSat.

Until the complete migration is not carried out to the Astra satellite, the channels of the satellite Hot IBRD will follow codified under the system of conditional access Viaccess, whereas those of the position of 19,2º This are in Mediaguard and ThalesCrypt, a variant of Viaccess.


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