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MTV Spain reinforces its programming
The channel bets by the combination between music, its specialty, and new the series of irreverent entertainment youthful that continue with the trasgresor style and that characterizes to MTV

As of this Monday 9 of April, the programming of MTV Spain will agglutinate the best series and realities in differentiated strips so that their followers enjoy daily doses of entertainment to the purest MTV style.

MTV Spain reinforces in its programming the youthful entertainment with its new structuring in strips, so that the spectators can follow their series and preferred realities of continuous form. Of Monday through Friday the followers of the channel they count on three strips of programming of differentiated contents, always transgressors and to the last one: “MTV to 9”, primetime of the channel advanced one hour to the one of the generalist television, “MTV Taboo”, in that the most dangerous and controversial series, and “MTV Live” occur to appointment, an inescapable appointment with best the direct ones exclusively for MTV.

“MTV to 9”: Time of MTV Spain prevails

Of Monday through Friday to the 21:00 hours

The strip star of MTV begins at night to 9. An alternative different from the contents that predominate by this time in the generalist television. Every day, one supplies different to find the entertainment that adjusts more to the tastes of the spectator.

Monday, night of youthful series of fiction with “Dancelife”. This series that MTV Spain releases exclusively is produced by Jennifer Lopez, and narrates the life of 6 dancing young people, three boys and three girls, while they try to become a hollow in the hard musical scene of Los Angeles. The own Jennifer, that began its race like dancing, was active part in the selection of the six protagonists. In “Dancelife” the difficult but exciting world of the dance is lived on first hand: the tests, castings, the successes, the failures and the spectacular choreographies.

“Dancelife”: From the 9 of April, all the Mondays to the 21:00 hours.
Saturdays to the 20:10 hours and Sundays to the 13:50 (repetition)

Tuesday, the most substantial curiosities of stars of the spectacle in The Fabulous Life.

Wednesdays, reality “the Girls of Diddy” keeps awake the mysteries of the formation of a feminine group of MGP of the hand of rapero Diddy.

With “Making the Video and Making the Movie”, the nights of Thursdays is dedicated to show to the mysteries of best videos and the films of the moment. Exclusive access to backstage, interviews with the singers and the actors… The cinema and music as they had never been seen.

Fridays return “PUNK'D” with ASHTON KUTCHER and its matchless one I devise to prepare the best jokes. Its victims? Avril Lavigne, Elijah Wood, Hugh Jackman, Kate Beckinsale and the rest of stars that populate Hollywood. Every week, an episode of opening, as of Friday 20 of April.

“MTV Taboo”, the most bold programming
Of Monday through Friday to the 22:00 hours

Going ahead to the tendencies and offering programs that nobody would more dare to emit, the nights of MTV bet by the animation that breaks molds.

To the 22:00 hours, “the House of the Drawings”: turned into a classic one of the programming of MTV, he is first reality carried out by cartoons of the television.

And to the 22:30, a surprising opening: “WonderShowzen” (“Young Bad”). One parodia of the infantile programs of the years 70 and 80 that certainly is not going to leave indifferent nobody. A show totally different from the sight until now in MTV absolutely ironic, dangerous, irreverent and trasgresor Spain, that does not leave puppet with head. His sketches combines the animation, the real image, the marionettes to the purest style District Sesame and until the classic pieces in which the children respond to different questions. In Wondershowzen American dream” people without home can be seen a marionette asking on the call “, an animation piece on the first rule, the liposuction of letter P…

“The House of the Drawings”: from the 9 of April, Monday to Thursday to the 22:00 hours.

“Wondershowzen”: of Monday to Thursday to the 22:30 hours.

Fridays the strip of “MTV Taboo” changes to offer a new opening: “Famous with Pedigrí”, the life in Hollywood without taboos and censorship seen through Buddy and Wolf, two dogs that try to survive in Mecca of the cinema. After this series, MTV Spain recovers, with new chapters, a classic one of the programming of MTV: “Celebrity Deathmatch”. A combat until death enters two celebrities of plastilina the purest style fights frees. And later, Andy Milonakis, the adolescent more díscolo of the television.

“Famous with Pedigrí”: from the 13 of April, Friday to the 22:00 hours and Sundays to the 23:00 hours (repetition)

“Celebrity Deathmatch”: Friday to the 22:30 hours and Sundays to the 23:30 hours (repetition)

iAndy Milonakis': Friday to the 22:50 hours

“MTV Live”: best music in direct, exclusively for MTV

Of Monday to Thursday to the 22:45 hours

Music in direct has a place protagonist in MTV. Like world-wide the specialistic major in music, MTV has single access to all the stars, that record “MTV Live” for the channel exclusively. These direct ones will emit all the nights of Monday to Thursday in MTV Spain, and in them consecrated artists will occur to appointment great, new talents, national and international stars, MGP, rock, Latin music… All the lovers of music will find their place in the strip “MTV Live”.

“MTV Live”: of Monday to Thursday to the 22:45 hours.

In addition, in “the Castings Craziest of MTV”, another one of its openings for the month of April, MTV leaves in search of young talents that can, or create that they can, to sing, to act and to dance. All those with sense of humor and confidence in themselves can appear to casting. In each program, seven candidates will show the jury made up of an actor, a famous singer and a prestigious dancer, their abilities to become a hollow in the world of the spectacle. If you ***reflxed mng with castings of Operation Triumph, prepárate for the Castings Craziest of MTV…

“The Castings Craziest of MTV”: from the 9 of April, Monday to Thursday to the 13:30 hours. Saturday and Sunday to the 18:30 hours (repetition).

(NP, 09/04/07)

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