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The satellite Anik F3 sent by a Russian rocket reaches operative orbit
The Anik F3 is the third party of a flotilla of satellites of the series Anik F destined to provide services of telecommunication, broadcasting and Internet to consumers in Canada and the United States

“The takeoff of Proton passed according to the anticipated program, and the control of the Anik F-3, already located in its operative orbit, was transferred its proprietors”, indicated a spokesman of Roscomos to Itar-Tass agency.

Proton took off to 22,54 GMT of Monday from the space-port of Baikonur, in Kazajistán, and nine hours and eleven minutes later, to 08,05 today GMT, the Anik F3, driven by a block of acceleration Brezee M, was located in a geostationary orbit of 35,786 kilometers of the height, explained the spokesman.

Constructed by European partnership EADS Astrium, the Anik F3 is a satellite of telecommunications pertaining to Canadian operator Telesat, with soothes in Ottawa, Canada.

The Anik F3 weighs 4,640 kilograms, has a period of life utility of fifteen years and is equipped with 34 transponders in Ku band; 24 of C band, and two active channels of Ka band. The West will be placed in the orbital position of 118,7º.

In telecommunications with satellites, the transponders are devices that emit identifiable signals in response to other signals of question.

The Proton rockets, of four phases, have a weight of 700 tons, 42.3 meters in length and seven of diameter, and following the satellite that places in orbit, they use blocks of acceleration Breeze M, DM or DM-2.

According to Roscomos, this one is the first commercial launching of Proton in which the fourth satellite pertaining to Telesat goes of year and that has placed in orbit with carriers of this type.


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