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Digitaal channel wants to extend its presence in 23,5º This of Astra
The platform of payment via Dutch satellite is prepared to increase the number of channels that at the moment they emit in the orbit of 23,5º This, destined mainly for the zone of the center of Europe

Since the end of the year past Channel Digitaal Satelliet is also present in the position that the Astra satellites 1D and Astra 3A have settled down in 23,5º This. In the frequency 11.914-H MHz (MR. 27500, FEC 3/4) can be found in open up to ten regional channels of Holland, the same that also comprise of the supply of payment that Channel Digitaal Satelliet arranges in 19,2º This.

Basically, this is one more a position destined to the televising market of the center of Europe, mainly the German and more in particular for the mesh wirings like Kabel Deustchland or the supply via satellite of Premiere International.

Now the Dutch platform is prepared to continue increasing its presence in this position with the incorporation of new channels in the course of this year. What of it does not know is that if these new chains are going to also emit in open or they are codified.


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