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Channels sends its TV of payment with 25 thematic channels
The Spanish branch of Deutsche Telekom announces its service of pay television, that, taking advantage of the connection to Internet, offers 25 thematic channels and an equipment of hard disk of up to 50 hours of recording

Yacomtv will admit from September the signal of channels TDT (Televisión Digital Terrestre) and will add a service of video under demand. In the mid term, they could include like decoder (“Seth top box”) a console Xbox 360, prepared to support the television signal on Internet (IPTV), and with internal memory.

Sources of the company informed that the project bases its strategy on the agility of its menu and the change of channels, as well as the simplicity of the electronic guide, after the company has studied the preferences of the users during several months, to verify its main demands, and has compared the services of the competition.

According to its conclusions, the public demand greater control on the service and “not to lose its favorite series”, more than a high number of channels. From September, the TDT programs, more than 20, according to the plans of the different CCAA, will be integrated in the first numbers of the programming guide, reason why the user will only need a unique control at a distance.

This way, the product has tried to before make agile the change of channels and the menus, that admit the multiscreen, still that to introduce new services of access to Internet, to consider this more suitable alternative to the Spanish consumers, although the company assures that the contents will be completed.

Quality of the image

In this first stage, objectives of television will be quality of image and of services of television, between that they offer the pause in direct of the television image, that stores the emission in the hard disk, so that the spectator can resume the emission, and to back down the action or to avanazar it, if it is stored in the hard disk.

The service counts as it bases with the software of Microsoft for the television on IP, that is the one that tie in operations of the menu. Among them, the main ones are the options of programmed recording, that next will be able to activate with remote control, through any computer, and in the future with moving bodies.

The list of channels includes AXN, Fox, Street 13, Paramount, TCM, Nickelodeon, Odyssey, National Geographic, Sun Music, MTV or Cnn, according to its data, those that include 63% of the total hearings of thematic.

These channels are offered through Internet, reason why the system admits the possibility of seeing a TDT channel, whose signal is received from the outdoor antenna, and of recording another one of the thematic ones, but at the moment it does not allow to record and to see simultaneously two channels offered by the network. Another one of the main new features is that the system will be offered to the client with a system of autoinstalación by means of PLC (Power Line Communications), so that it does not need wiring in case router and the tuner is not in the same room.

Interactive television in Spain

According to the company, the market in Spain still goes very slowly in the matter of interactive television, reason why the first challenge that has paid attention is to incorporate a service of videoclub in house, anticipated for September, and next a Home system will be added Average to listen to and to see the contents stored in the computer.

According to explained, the system of Microsoft contemplates in its plans of business the expansion by means of the console of videojuego Xbox, adapted for the IPTV, with the aim of implying in the product to all the famila, and that it could be commercialized of different forms.

The commercialization of the “triple play” (ADSL more calling) and the service of Yacomtv will leave on sale by 35.95 Euros to the month. For its correct operation, the company will demand a minimum of speed of Internet of 6 megas.


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