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Burger TV, next channel for North American emigrants
One is a new American television network that it has predicted to send itself in Europe through satellite with a generalist programming appointed the families

According to their chief of a main directorate and cofounding, Patrick Brunet, “the American emigrants conform some of the hearing niches that are to take care of in the world with a television channel of entertainment”. Between his main contents there will be the news, “such-shows” diurnal and documentary nocturnes, comedy, sports, contests, meteorology and.

In agreement with this philosophy, the new channel will not issue the only news, like Cnn International or Fox News, but also entertainment of all type for all the family, at any time of the day.

In this new project resident American emigrants in Europe are tabajando, all of them involved in numerous organizations of emigration. In this sense, some of their professionals have assured that they are expert than they want to see the emigrants of the United States because they are member of the own community and diverse associations.


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