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Sogecable prepares with Telephone offering service of Internet
The propietary company of Digital+ could offer along with the operator services of telephony fixes and access to Internet, what is called triple-play, in exchange for including Canal+ in Imagenio

To pay itself to Canal+ and in the same call to contract to the access broadband 24 hours and quarrels flat in telephony fixes is on the verge of being a reality, according to informs the economic newspaper the Newspaper into the Businesses mentioning sources near both companies.

And it will be possible by the agreement that completes Sogecable (owner of Digital+ and Four), and Telephone, that will allow first offering triple play, since it already does own the Telephone one with its trio; the cable operator ONO; Orange, or Jazztel, among others. And that supposes for the final consumer a same invoice for the services of television, telephony fixes and Internet.

New strategy

Sogecable takes therefore a step more in its change of strategy at the time of looking for new sources of income. Previously, the audio-visual group already had announced that their exclusive contents were at the disposal of third parties. In past December already it subscribed an agreement with Vodafone by which it offers contents of Digital+ in the moving bodies of that operator.

When the agreement is materialized, the first consequence would be an increase of the supply of Imagenio, the TV by Telephone ADSL of, that would begin to spread Canal+, adding itself thus to other channels that or it emits and that are produced by 40 Sogecable as they are To travel or Latin.

One of the possibilities that is shuffled, although is not simple, is that in return, Sogecable could resell the services of telephony fixes and ADSL, bought to wholesale prices to Telephone and talking back its same supplies.

In our country, the digital fusion of 2002 prevents “to jointly commercialize the supply of the platform of resulting television (Digital+) with the one of access to Internet of Telephone” until November. The parts have predicted to ask the Government the rise of I veto if they close an agreement before.


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