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Premiere suspends the commercialization of its rival Sand
The platform via German satellite of payment decides to suspend the commercialization by satellite of its rival Sand due to you continue them supervisions of the Germanic authorities of competition

The president of Premiere, Georg Kofler, said in a press note that made the decision because “the supervision of the competition authorities (of the contract with sand and Average Unity) is longer and ample of the predicted thing”.

The past 8 of February, Premiere decided with Sand that will distribute and commercialize east channel by cable and satellite to all subscribers in Germany, in exchange for yielding to its rival 16.7% of its actions.

The television network Sand, property of the operator by Average Unity cable, owns the rights of broadcasting of the parties of the Germanic league of soccer.

The greater television network of payment of Germany will maintain the emission of the soccers match for the users who already paid their quota of installment by satellite and for the television receivers by cable in 13 of the 16 federal states Germans.

As much Premiere, as Arena and Average Unity want to develop their agreement according to the competition norms before the 31 of May.

At the end of December of 2005, Premiere lost the rights of broadcasting in direct for subscribers of the parties of the Bundesliga as of 2006 and until 2009, that went to stop to the partnership of managers of television by cable Sand.


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